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How to FREEZE Corn

How to FREEZE Corn on the Cob - This tip will save you money and time in the kitchen!

Here are very simple steps on How to FREEZE Corn!  I recently had a family BBQ and some guests were unable to attend at last minute, resulting in me having leftover corn on the cob.  With me being frugal I did not want any of it to go to waste. So I saved the corn on the cob by placing them in freezer ziploc bags and put them in the fridge overnight.  The next day, I got them out and prepped the corn to freeze.

How to FREEZE Corn on the Cob

How to FREEZE Corn

If you do not have leftover corn on the cob like I did, you can still freeze fresh corn for the winter months.  You can pick up corn on the cob at the store when it is on sale or at the local farmer’s market (that’s where I got mine).  Just be sure to boil the corn and let cool before proceeding with the steps below.

(All fruits and vegetables contain enzymes that, over time, break down the destroy nutrients and change the color, flavor, and texture of food during frozen storage. Corn requires a brief heat treatment, called blanching, in boiling water or steam, to destroy the enzymes before freezing. Blanching times generally vary from one to 10 minutes, depending on the vegetable. The duration should be just long enough to stop the action of the enzymes. For corn it is around 4-6 minutes.)

Take your corn on the cob and using a sharp knife cut the corn off and place on a baking sheet.  Be sure to spread out in an even layer.

Next place the baking sheet in the freezer for 30 minutes.  This is called Flash Freezing, click here to learn more —>How do you flash freeze food?

After 30 minutes remove corn and place in labeled freezer ziploc bags.  Be sure to put the date on the bag, frozen corn will last for 6 months in the freezer.

To use the frozen corn, use in recipes that call for frozen corn or to heat on the stove follow these directions.  Place in a small sauce pan with 1/2 cup boiling water and 2 Tbsp butter. Heat for 3-4 minutes. Season and serve.

I used some of my frozen corn and made Fried Corn (recipe coming soon).


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