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How To Dress Your Body Type and Look Like You Lost 10 lbs. Instantly

How To Dress Your Body Type & Look Like You Lost 10 lbs Instantly

How To Dress Your Body Type and Look Like You Lost 10 lbs. Instantly. If you told me a month ago that the style and color of my clothing could make a difference in my appearance, I would not have believed you.  I “thought” in the past that I had sense of style and that I dressed my body type well. This past month has been life changing for me in terms of fashion and how I feel about myself.  I know that sounds strange, but it is true!

I signed up for my friend Kelly Snyder’s Adore Your Wardrobe Program and completed the course over the past two months.  I honestly thought I would learn enough to make the investment worthwhile but seriously I had NO idea how much I was going to learn.  I had no idea that how you dress your body type can make you look like you lost 10 lbs. instantly but it is true.  Just look at the two photos of me!  The one on the right is the wrong style and color for me!  I had no idea!  Both of these pictures were taken on the same day!  Can you believe the difference?  Well, neither could I – but a picture speaks 1000 words and there is no hiding the difference!

Do you struggle with your wardrobe? Let me say – The struggle is REAL!  As a 40+ year old Mom on-the-go I know I do! Yoga pants or jeans and a t-shirt are were my “go to” in terms of casual dress. However for the first time in my “Mom life” I decided to make a commitment to start focusing a little more on myself and my fashion style.  With the help of Adore Your Wardrobe I now feel more confident than I have since I was 25 years old!

Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? I was in the same boat!  I would walk into my closet and feel overwhelmed.  My friend Kelly Snyder from Redefined Mom was in the same predicament. However, she has created a program to help us Adore Your Wardrobe!  I can’t honestly say – it is awesome!  Through this class I actually cleaned out 12 garbage bags full of clothes that I donated!  Plus 25 items that I took to the local consignment store!

I also have an additional 25 items that I saved to take to the consignment store in the fall.  Why?  Because after taking this course I found out that those clothes do not do my body type ANY favors. They were either the wrong neckline, color, shirt length, fabric type or pants rise.  WHAT?  These things matter.  Oh yes, they do!  I learned this and so much more!

Through This Process I donated 12 Garbage Bags full of clothes, shoes and accessories and consigned 50 items!

Now I only have 90 Hangers TOTAL in my closet!  That includes all the clothes I own – for all 4 seasons (plus folded hoodies).  It is an amazing feeling to be able to walk into my closet and no longer feel overwhelmed.  I know that every single item in my closet looks good on my body!  I know that these are my core pieces and that I don’t stress out when it comes time to getting dressed.  Not only that I get compliments every single day!  It is an amazing freeing experience, and the end result is far more than I ever imagined!

After Organization - 90 Hangers Total for ALL 4 Seasons!


Why I think Adore Your Wardrobe Online Program is Worth Every Penny!

I signed up and did ALL the lessons!  I can’t believe everything that I learned.

First, I discovered my body type and how to dress my body type (I thought I was a completely different body type than what I am).  Next, I learned that I have a long waist (I had no idea nor that it makes a difference in how to dress – but it makes a HUGE difference) and I also learned that I am a cool skin tone and that also impacts how I should dress, and which colors look best on me.  My mind is literally blown!  That is just the tip of the iceberg.

I also learned how to find the perfect pair of jeans/pants for my body type, the importance of proper undergarments and how to put together a look that actually looks good on me and so much more!  Now as I add items to my wardrobe, I have the tools I need to shop wisely.  It is no longer about finding a bargain.  It is about finding clothing that looks the best on me for my body type. This has been a serious game changer for me and each and every day I have received compliments on my appearance!

Adore Your Wardrobe Binder

The Adore Your Wardrobe eCourse is a 30-day course that will change the way you think about fashion and your wardrobe. These nine modules (and one master class) course contains videos, written overviews, and worksheets to help give you the skills to become a killer fashionista.  You will get access to all the lessons once you sign up and you can complete them at your leisure!  Of if you are like me, you can binge them in 48 hours!  I wanted to share with you six of my favorite looks that I put together using the information from Adore Your Wardrobe.   I hope you take a chance on this program like I did.  It has really been life changing for me!

Adore Your Wardrobe Fashion Styles

Every few days, you will receive an email from Kelly with an overview of the day’s lesson, as well as a mini-challenges to help build your confidence and feel successful in your ability to create a great-looking outfit. I hope you enjoy this How to Dress Your Body Type and Look Like You Lost 10 lbs. Instantly.

Here’s what’s included:

Lesson #1: Getting Personal With Measurements Lesson

Lesson #2: Determining Your Unique Body Type & How To Create Balance and Proportion Lesson

Lesson #3: Laying The Right Foundation Lesson

Lesson #4: Jeans – How To Find a Pair You Love Lesson

Lesson #5: Anatomy of a Shirt – Necklines & Length Matter Lesson

Lesson #6: 11 Items to Splurge On (And Four To Save On) Lesson

Lesson #7: Create A Closet You Adore Lesson

Lesson #8: Rule of Four Lesson

Lesson #9: Putting It All Together

Masterclass: Discovering The Right Colors For You

Sign up HERE.

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