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How to do Weight Watchers FreeStyle Plan for Free

This month, Weight Watchers shared their latest update to their points plan.  That’s why we are here to help you learn How to do Weight Watchers FreeStyle Plan for Free.  While there is no totally free option for Weight Watchers directly, there are tons of options out there to keep you in your budget.

How to do Weight Watchers FreeStyle Plan for Free

How to do Weight watchers FreeStyle Plan for Free

Check deals with Weight Watchers

First things first, Weight Watchers won’t have a free option, but they do offer tons of deals around the holidays and the new year.  Check out their options for things like no signup fee, $1 months, or even free months when you lose a set amount of weight in the first month.  There are almost always deals that you can take advantage of that are not free, but lower priced.

Also, remember that Weight Watchers offers both in-person meetings, as well as just online options.  Their regular price is around $45 a month and that includes going to a weekly local meeting to weigh in and get support, as well as their online app and community.  For $19.95 per month, you can have access to just their online app and community.  There are also weekly payment options that cost a bit more, but also make it easier for those who get paid week to week.

Talk to your insurance company

Did you realize that many insurance companies will pay for weight loss programs?  As an incentive for you to get healthier and use their services less, many will actually pay or reimburse you for the fee to join Weight Watchers.  It is worth the few minute phone call to find out if your insurance option will pay for Weight Watchers for you to attend for free.

Talk to your work HR department

Human Resources at your job is also a great place to find out about free Weight Watchers programs.  Many offer it as an incentive to lower your insurance costs.  It’s worth asking about to see if they have an in-house or local meeting that will be paid for by work.

Use an alternative app

There are a few popular apps out there that are similar to the Weight Watchers app.  As of the time I am writing this post, the only one that has updated to a plan similar to FreeStyle or Flex Plan is the Ultimate Food Diary app.  It is not identical, but very close.  Another alternative that is planning to update soon is the iTrackBites app.  They do not currently have a FreeStyle type program, but they are similar and will update to one soon.

Remember, these apps have a one-time flat fee that will be lower, but they are not going to be identical to Weight Watchers.  They will be similar and a great alternative but might vary slightly.

Try to do it on your own

To do this on your own, you’ll have to do a lot of guesswork to figure out what your daily and weekly point values are going to become. The lowest points per day that the new option is giving is 23 SmartPoints per day.  The lowest weekly points would be 14 SmartPoints per week.  This will vary greatly depending on the person, their weight, goal weight, height, sex, and activity level.  There are a lot of variables, but you can learn more about the overall program in this Weight Watchers FreeStyle Update guide.

We have a ton of tips for Weight Watchers past plans and many recipes here on the blog to share.  I will be updating points values on our older recipes over the next few months, so watch for those as you start on the FreeStyle Plan.

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  1. I would like someone to call me.
    I’m currently on Sanford Profile plan but now that I’ve lost 25 pounds, I would like to see how your plan might keep me on track. I would still like to lose another 5 pounds or so.

    1. Jayne, we are not affiliated with Weight Watchers. We are only posting tips and recipes to hep those who do want to follow the plan.

  2. I am paying the big bucks to be a WW member. Can’t find ANYWHERE that tells me their free style program. What can I do?? Thanks.

    1. We are not affiliated with Weight Watchers. We are only posting tips and recipes to hep those who do want to follow the plan.

  3. I wouldn’t recommend the new Freestyle program. I’ve been on many different Weight Watchers programs through the years. This one is not very good. They say 200 free foods. However, foods are not free and they all have calories. Many people are struggling on this plan. The older versions are much better like Points Plus or Beyond the scale Smart Points. I was very pumped up and excited for the change. After almost two months struggling and my weight creeping up I returned to the last program Smart Points Beyond the scale and I won’t go back to Freestyle. I feel much better on the old program and it feels like a Lifestyle again not a diet. #Backto30.

  4. Freestyle is a great plan with the free foods it doesn’t mean you can go nuts on those foods. Everything has calories but these free foods give you good foods to eat when you have are hungry and have used all your points for the day. It is a life style change and not a diet . I love the freestyle plan. Less stressful.

  5. Freestyle does not have “free foods”. They are “zero point foods” which means they do not subtract from your daily points but you do need to track them to see what works and what doesn’t. And as always, all food has calories, so you need to pay close attention to portions of all foods, including the “zero point foods”. A little common sense goes a long way. 🙂

  6. 5 stars
    I have done a few different WW plans and I agree with Terry and jtuck, It is a great plan, you just cannot eat too much of the zero point (free) foods. It is a great plan, helped me greatly.

  7. U can get lists online and print calculate points. I did along time ago and printed lost weight by doing on my own no need to join.

  8. Can I use the old weight watchers slider- pointsfinder (dietary fiber grams, calories, grams= points) with ww current plan- still to find point values from labels on packages and do okay with that along with an old list of point values.
    I am using current free points list but don’t want to buy all new materials or go to meetings, pay for app etc.

  9. anyone know how many points per day I would be allowed on the Freestyle program?
    age 51
    light activity
    no health issues

  10. 5 stars
    I have been lifetime with weight watchers since the 70s. Freestyle is most like earlier plans, and has been very effective for me. However, I am leaving WW due to the inclusion of New Age, occultic practices, guided meditation, etc. If they ever get through this foolish “wellness wins” phase and revert to the Weight Watchers I knew and loved, the one that helped me lose and maintain weight, I will be back for monthly meetings.

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