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How To Do Weight Watchers For Free

This week we are going to get you started with one of many options in changing your physical body by giving you the steps for How to Do Weight Watchers for Free. As we embark on our year long journey to finding physical, mental and financial health, we are going to share one of the first big steps toward gaining control of your health.

How To Do Weight Watchers For Free


As we set realistic goals for wellness last week, this week we want you to take a step toward getting control of your eating habits.  Weight Watchers has become a widely popular method that is loved by many.  It’s focus on moderation and easy way to count your food intake makes it a favored option by many.

Figure you point allowance: For the sake of consistency, we are going to recommend that you use the more updated Points Plus system as that is what our current Weight Watchers recipes points reflect, as well as future recipes and information here.  Points Plus is slightly different because it counts fruits and vegetables in their raw form as zero points.

  • All Weight Watchers followers have 49 Bonus/Flex Points per week.  These can be used a little each day, or in larger chunks on special days.  It is best to use these in small increments throughout the week.
  • The minimum number of points per day is 26 and the maximum is 71.  Points are figured according to your weight, height and lifestyle (active, sedentary, etc.)
  • To figure your recommended daily Weight Watchers points allowance, this points plus allowable calculator is the way to go.  This is accurate and the same as what you would use if on the paid program.

Calculate points in your food.  Now that you know how many points you need to use each day, it’s time to figure out what points are in your food.  There are a few ways to do this.

  • You can go the easy way and use a Weight Watchers calculator you have purchased from them.
  • You can also simply buy all of the Weight Watchers branded foods that already have the points figured for you.
  • The best and most financially sound way to figure is to use this simple Weight Watchers points calculator online.  You enter information and it spits out the points for you.  Basic, easy and free.

Make healthy food choices.  One of the great things about Weight Watchers is the fact that there are no food restrictions.  You are not told you can’t have something; you are simply told to account for it in your points each day.  The problem is, fueling your body with unhealthy options isn’t going to give you the result you want.  Yes, you may lose some weight, but your body will still feel sluggish and either hungry or bloated and uncomfortable.

Using all 26 points on burgers and fries every day isn’t really changing your wellness mentality.  You really must work to change the way you look at food and work to feed yourself better options more often than bad.  Include some of your favorites on occasion but focus on healthier things the bulk of the time.  Knowing how to do Weight Watchers for free will save you the expense of monthly meetings that you can turn over and pay for better healthier food options with instead.

  • Eat lean meats like fish, chicken and turkey.
  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Limit processed packaged foods and choose homemade instead
  • Increase low fat dairy

Seek accountability.  Whether you join a free online group like Spark People, Facebook groups or Google+ Circles, or you join with some local friends to hold you accountable this is a key step. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to find accountability with friends, family or even strangers online.  Being accountable for your weekly success can help you stay on track and make this not just a beginning, but a lifelong change for good.

As you continue this year long journey to physical, mental and financial health, focusing on your health is going to be one of the big goals you have.  Without good health, you cannot begin to have good financial or mental health.  This week as you learn how to do Weight Watchers for free, we hope you are able to refocus and step forward with goals in mind that you feel you can succeed with.

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      1. WW has started a new points plan. I liked the previous plan. I’m going to stay with that. I’ve been there long enough to know what to do. My problem is I don’t have a list of all the points. I can figure out the ones with the information on the box, but I can’t when it comes to meat, steak, etc. Is there anything available that gives all the information//points from the previous plan? Thank you

        1. It’s worth going and paying the one time fee to have all your materials at your fingertips…. that calculator is very helpful…. or ask someone you know who goes to ww. to get that info for you….people are happy to share knowledge and or help others….

          1. Yes, if it is in your budget I would agree. We would love to share but we can’t legally post it online.

        2. There is an app that gives you points on regular foods. It’s called weight watchers PTS. You have to trust it’s right like any other obscure app however.

  1. This is nice, a lot of women would like to do Weight Watcher, but either can’t afford the extra expense, or can’t get to meeting, etc. It’s super that you explain it and give links to things.
    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Thank you so much,I want to join WW,but simply cannot afford it now. If I stick with your plan and lose weight for 2 months I may join.

  3. Hi Melissa, Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Do you know how to figure out the how to gain points from working out?

  4. Thank you so much for this! I think I might like the program but I definitely want to try it before spending and see if it’s actually works for me. Great info! Have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Hello. This is awesome. Can I get the updated info for the newest Beyond The Scale WWProgram. How do I calculate my daily allowance points, weekly?

  6. Thank you so much for this. I started the points plus program this morning. Am I correct that fruits and veggies do not subtract from you allowed points? I ate an apple and feel very strange not subtracting for it.

      1. technically, not always, if you ilog the separate elements of your smoothie. It will count if you total everything together to figure out points value, but by the book, fresh fruit is zero points. Hope this helps.

  7. I cannot afford to join. can you please send me a list of the foods and beverage points and how much is allowed. There is an old one from 2009 that Im following.. I would appreciate a 2016 version. Thank you very much

    1. You can go to any used book store and get the old ww book. Or Amazon.com. I have both books and like the old one better. If you would like to correspond let me know.

      1. Hello Sue – what are the names of the books from Amazon? I seen so many that I cannot figure out which one I will need.
        thank you!!

  8. I did weight watchers in the past. But unfortunately I can’t afford it now. Thanks this info will definitely will help me.

  9. how do I get the form for loosing 10# they ran out of forms at WW.. I only have 1.6 to go till I get my refund, or get to go free. can you help me ??

  10. Hi. I am 50 years old and in just the last year have gained 15 pounds and I feel awful. My sister joined weight watchers but my income is not even close to to hers. Can I please have a food list so I know not to go over my points. I am allowed 26 per day but I do not want to use the points plus unless it is a holiday. Thank you so much for giving this to us for free.

  11. Any CORE users out there? I was successful with this a few years ago. Wish I had kept all my literature. I know it stressed eating high fiber, low fat and sugar. Comments on this old w w plan would be appreciated ?

  12. Hello,
    I would like to join ww as well but like a lot of you ca’t afford it right now.
    I can use all the help you can offer. I am allowed to 20 points a day I have no clue what that means since I have never tried it before but seen friends getting results .

    1. a point is usually 50 calories. They do use fiber and fat to calculate points, but I think if you use 50 calories, you will be ok. So 20 points is 1000 calories a day.

  13. I attended WW for a year last year and got down to my ideal weight and I would like to buy some of their bars and snacks to help me keep the weight off, but how can I buy them without attending a meeting?

    I have ordered these items before by telephone but I am not getting a reply now so I would be gateful if someone could please give me the telephone number.

  14. Weight Watchers does work. I did the program 10 years ago and lost 60#. I gained most of it back because I didn’t stick with the mentality of fresh and lean are better. I want to try at-home but I need support and others who are doing this as well. Any suggestions on getting group support? Thanks

  15. Thanks so much for your site. I have gained 15 pounds since April. I want to loose these pounds and keep them off. I need a little information on how to assign points to food. Should I just buy a calorie book? How can I catch up on the info you’ve provided since the beginning of the year? Thanks so much for your help.

  16. I’m not really interested in a “wellness mentality” though. I am an adult who has lost a significant amount of weight on my own and just want help and encouragement losing these last 30 pounds. I already eat vegetables and I resent being “punished” for the occasional donut as a treat/reward for being “good” all day. What was wrong with flexpoints? I used to be on the old flex points system and lost forty pounds using that and felt fine then. TBH I just intend to count using them because I really hate the smart points system. It’s very patronizing and assumes I need to be goaded into eating my vegetables as if I am five.

  17. THis is not correct. My appropriate number of daily points is 21, not 26. I was a member of WW and was given the number by the leader. Also, I found a points calculator on another site, which told me 21 points. I don’t know where you got the idea that 26 is the minimum amount. I would not lose weight at that amount. Also, the extra points per week is 35, not 49. Where did you get these figures?

  18. My points are 26 the 35 extra points were from way back it is 49 the last time I was attending meetings. I love your site and do follow a few on here like Laoosh an use my calculator to figure points out for items when shopping. If it is too high does not go in the basket. It doesn’t take long to get off the program and cheat a little here and a little there and that’s where you hit the nail on the head ACCOUNTABILTY really comes in. My husband and I are both life timers and we know what to do you just get complacent and boom there it is an extra 10 like we did this winter as snowbirds in Florida…So Sunday was day one I was 138 when I got home but for my 5’3 frame it is a lot so far and it has been only 3 days I was 132 this morning and I know a lot of its water LOL from the 4 times I was up but it is a start. I do work part time so semi active so that is helping. So I have up’ed my water intake and cut out the diet soda this week and tracking can’t say enough if you bite it you write it!!!! So thanks for your ideas here and if any one has any ideas or thoughts would love to hear t hem.

  19. How does the calculator work? I saw that their was 3 different sections. Am I suppose to fill out all 3 sections to get my points?

  20. I’m trying to find an equation for a daily smartpoints allowance to start with based on weight, etc. (estimate) any idea how to get that? thanks! – Missy

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