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How To Do A Detox Diet

This week in our 52 weeks to wellness, I want to cover How to Do a Detox Diet.  Many people ask all the time why a detox diet would even be important.  The point is to rid your body of things that may be causing illness, gas, bloating, allergic reactions, rash or hives.  For many it might be considered partial elimination diet. For others this may include simply a detoxing supplement.  For your health, talk to your physician prior to choosing a detox diet.

How To Do A Detox Diet

How To Do a Detox Diet

Avoid supplements. While millions of people have purchased them, various detox diet pills, drinks or bars are not a good choice.  Avoid these supposed detoxing supplements and focus on natural and healthy detox diets instead.  A pill can cause extreme gastrointestinal upset and will likely contain chemicals you don’t want in your system.

Eliminate grains, dairy, soy and eggs.  You may wish to begin with a basic elimination diet.  That means you remove common items that cause allergies and physical symptoms.  Remove grains, dairy, soy, and eggs for one week to 30 days.  As your body flushes out these foods, you’ll be able to notice lack of reactions, hives, stomach upset and more.  Introduce each food back into your diet one at a time to determine which items are safe for you and which are not.

Remove all forms of sugar.  Sugar is a huge problem and should be totally eliminated in a detox diet.  Refined sugars as well as sugar substitutes should be avoided.  You may want to include honey, molasses, and stevia back into your diet slowly after a few weeks.

Focus on nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.  A true detox diet includes a diet rich in nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.  This often includes vegetarian meals based on this, as well as juice diets that are made by you in your home containing only these items.  This feeds your body the nutrients it needs while eliminating the items your body finds toxic.

Increase water intake.  You need a ton more water in your daily life while detoxing.  Add 2-3 more glasses of water per day at minimum while trying to do a full detox diet.

Be prepared to feel bad before you feel better.  When you begin eliminating items you usually eat like sugar, grains and even highly processed foods, your body may react negatively at first.  Give yourself at least a week to get over the sugar hangover and begin to feel the positive effects.

These tips for how to do a detox diet will help you to get a jump start on your weight loss and overall health needs!

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