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How Do I Stay a Motivated Mom

Are you a work at home mom, stay at home mom, or a working away from home mom just trying to make it all stay afloat?  There are always times when we ask How do I stay a Motivated Mom.  After working outside of the home, taking care of children all day, or working at home we all wonder how we are going to get it all done! I ask myself this at least a couple times a day.

There are several things I have had to do to keep it all together.  One of the most important is just asking for help.  I have been TERRIBLE at this for most of my life.  Stop saying if I do it, I will do it “right.” How can you possibly do everything right when you are juggling a million things? This is when I want to throw my hands up and say who cares?

I have had to let go of my expectations of how things should be and let them be what they are.  Sometimes my house is not as clean or straight as I want it to be, but I must let go and enjoy more of life.   The truth is I can’t be that stay motivated mom when I am totally stressed out! When I am stressed, I lose the motivation I really need.

Things You Can Do to Stay A Motivated Mom:

  1. Let go of the idea that everything must be perfect. The kids may not sweep the floor exactly the way you do but it is nice to have the help.  It doesn’t have to be perfect. “Be Forgiving”
  2. Stop going behind your family members and cleaning up! Ask for help!  Talk to them about picking up more.  I have also resorted to throwing their things away.  They are learning!
  3. Figure out what chores your kids are good at or like. Fact: If I person gets complimented on the great job they are doing; they are most likely to repeat it!
  4. You time! Take time for yourself.  Get a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, read a new book, or go for a relaxing walk. Everyone needs their own quiet moments sometimes.
  5. Eat Healthy Meals and Snacks.
  6. Exercise is also important. I make sure to get at least 250 steps in per hour just to keep me moving.  Try to get at least 30 minutes of some physical activity a day.  It can even be cleaning.
  7. Schedule chores. You are more motivated if you have a routine.
  8. Take a day off occasionally. We take one of the weekend days off and do what we want as a family every two weeks.  You must make time for fun too!
  9. Girls Dinners are very important. Gives you time to socialize and talk to other women in your same situation.  I usually feel refreshed after a dinner with friends.  We went to a new restaurant around us and it was nice exploring something new with friends.  Check out Agave & Rye!
  10. Try to leave work at work if possible. I have to shut my office door sometimes because I work from home.  I can be sitting watching a movie with my family and jump up because I forgot something.  9 Times out of 10 it can wait! I have a habit of burning myself out and losing motivation.  (not just about work but with a lot of things)
  11. Make your bed! For some reason when I make my bed every morning it starts my day off better.
  12. Go to bed and wake up at the same times. I get up every morning with my kids.  Driving them to school every day motivates me to keep going.  If I lay in bed in the morning, I have trouble getting up and motivated.
  13. Make a list! When I see it written down, I am more motivated to do it!  I don’t like using technology to do this.  Physically scratching it off the list is so gratifying.
  14. Meal Planning makes meal time easier. When you have a plan, it is easier to stay motivated and follow through.
  15. Sometimes you need to just break down and hire someone to help you. I did this during the summer.  My husband works a lot doing HVAC and we just couldn’t juggle it all.  I hired someone to help me landscape and fix our fence.
  16. If it doesn’t work out today remember “tomorrow is a new day!”

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