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Halloween Cupcakes Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for a Halloween Cupcakes Decorating Idea then we have five cupcake ideas that you may enjoy! It just goes to show that you can turn cupcakes from plain and boring to fun and exciting with only a few additional decorating steps.

Halloween Cupcakes

My dear friend Kim who teaches Foods Classes (Family and Consumer Science) at Owen County High School shared these “spooky” Halloween Cupcakes on her Facebook page and I asked her if it would be ok for me to share them with you. Of course she said yes!  She was so proud of them as well she should be!  Her Culinary Arts students created these during a Halloween Cupcake themed foods lab and I just loved how they turned out.

It is really hard to pick which one is my favorite.  I personally love the Skeleton but the ghost and eye ball are fun too!   Peyton chose the googly eye monster which didn’t surprise me.  Then the witch hat is creative made with a cookie and Hershey kiss. With just a few candies, icing and simple ingredients that you most likely have in your pantry it is amazing what you can create with a simple cupcake.  Of course food coloring goes a long way too. Wow, it is really hard to pick which one is my favorite cupcake!  We hope you enjoy these Halloween Cupcakes Decorating Ideas. Which one of the five is your favorite?

Halloween Cupcakes Decorating Ideas:

  • Ghost Cupcake
  • Eyeball Cupcake
  • Witch Cupcake
  • Googly Eye Monster Cupcake
  • Skeleton Cupcake

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Halloween Cupcakes

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