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Halloween Craft Toilet Roll Bat

We love this easy Halloween Craft Toilet Roll Bat.  It is so easy to make and costs almost nothing!  This is a craft that is suited for children ages 4+.  You may have most of the supplies already in your craft cabinet.

Halloween Toilet Roll Paper Bat

Peyton loved making this one.  He wanted to make a dozen and hang them from the ceiling in his room to have a spooky Halloween decoration. I thought that was a great idea until he would wake up in the night scared.  It would be an easy Halloween Party Decoration or craft though and if you decorate your house I think this would be fun to do in the kitchen or living room.

You don’t want to hang them outdoors as the dew and potential rain would make them ruin.  Feel free to use any color for the mouth. I hope you enjoy this Halloween Craft Toilet Roll Bat as much as we did!

Halloween Craft Toilet Roll Bat:


  • Empty Paper Towel or Toilet Tissue Rolls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Tissue Paper
  • Decorations for eyes and mouth
  • Black Construction Paper

This is a cute and frugal craft for Halloween. Simply take an empty paper towel or toilet tissue roll and cut into 2 inch pieces. Next cut strips of black construction paper into a 2 inch strip a little longer than the circumference of the roll. Cover and glue with a glue stick.

Trace out a bat “face” be sure to include ears and have the children cut out and glue to the ring.  Add 2 squiggly eyes (or you can substitute with sequins, beads, hole punches) and add a mouth.  You could use rick-rack (as pictured), yarn, ribbon or other.  The sky is the limit with your imagination.

Add a piece of black yarn to hang and a small piece of black tissue paper through the middle for “wings”.

That is it!  So simple and best of all inexpensive to make.  I hope you enjoy this cute Toilet Paper Holder Bat Craft.  It was a huge success with my son and hopefully your kids will love it too! Be sure to let us know.

Bat 2 final


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