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Green Bay Wisconsin Travel Tips

Green Bay Wisconsin Travel Tips. Several months ago, my husband and I traveled to the great city of Green Bay for a Packers football game and here are some Green Bay Wisconsin Travel Tips from the both of us. I did a lot of research on the town before we went, so we could do other things other than just attending the game on Sunday.  I was surprised at all the attractions and places you can have the opportunity to see.

Green Bay Wisconsin Travel Tips to help plan the best trip ever!

Green Bay is definitely a football town, I now understand why they changed it to TitleTown, USA.  My husband and I tell others that it is very much like Walt Disney World – how everything is centered around Mickey Mouse, like the storm covers etc.  Well in Green Bay everything is yellow and green with land markings.  It is very neat to see in person! Be sure to visit the town’s mall and go to the food court.  It is designed as a football field.

Green Bay Wisconsin Travel Tips to help plan the best trip ever!

Cheese heads is what the locals are referred to as and let me tell you there is a good reason for that and that is fried cheese curds! They are the BEST!  I am not even a huge cheese lover, so for me to say that means something.  There is a great restaurant called Kroll’s located right next to the stadium.  They have the best food.

We went there on Friday night before the crowds came in for the big game on Sunday. We struck up conversations with some of the locals and had the best time.  Be sure to visit if you go and order the fried white cheese curds, you can thank me later.

Another great place to see in the area is the National Railroad Museum.  They have a huge collection of train cars. Very neat to see and tour.  Another place you can check out is the Botanical Garden and hiking trails.  Green Bay has so much wonderful nature to see and explore.  We even drove up to see Lake Michigan and it was beautiful.  We were very blessed that it was in the 60’s while there in October. Also be sure to go on the Heritage History Trail, which will tell you all about how football started in America. Post soon on this trail.

Also on a side note, we drove up there from Kentucky. Be sure you do not miss a toll both when going around or through Chicago.  We may have done this, but it was a good laugh, and we seriously didn’t see the pull off until it was too late.

Green Bay Wisconsin Travel Tips to help plan the best trip ever!

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