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Gift Giving by Hosting a Direct Sales Party

Gift Giving by Hosting a Direct Sales Party

Gift Giving by Hosting a Direct Sales Party. For this week’s Frugal Friday, I wanted to write about hosting direct sales parties and the benefits they bring.

As a follow up to my Stockpiling for the Holiday’s post I failed to mention another source for inexpensive gifts for gift giving.  Host a home party!  I was in direct sales for 11 years and during that time I hosted a lot of parties for other home-based businesspeople in “exchange” for hosting one for me.  What I found from all those years of hosting parties is that several home-based businesses offer great hostess incentives for having an in home or catalog party.

Gift Giving by Hosting a Direct Sales Party:

If you are a stockpiler, you can host a party very inexpensively!  I recently hosted a jewelry party and served a simple dessert (brownies) and beverages (lemonade and water) and that was it!  How simple and those items came directly from my stockpile.  I love having parties because it is a great excuse to have my friends over and clean my house.  By hosting an in-home party, you can really reap the benefits if the company offers a good hostess program.

It is a great way to stretch your gift giving budget because the hostess rewards can really add up.  If you invite enough guests, you can literally end up for hundreds of free dollars’ worth of free product.

For example, this past spring I hosted a Thirty-One Party and earned over $300.00 in FREE product!  The best time to take advantage of hosting a party is when home-based business offers DOUBLE HOSTESS AWARDS!  This is how I did so well when I hosted my party!  Not only do you have an excuse to invite friends over and have fun you are able to earn FREE product for very little effort.  I was able to use that $300 worth of FREE product for over 10 gifts for Christmas!  I always say that you need to think outside of the box when it comes to gift giving and this is prime example.

If you are looking for an awesome direct sales business, be sure to check out Lemongrass Spa.  It is an all-natural and organic company that offers gluten free, nontoxic skin care, body care, make up and essential oils.  They offer really great incentives to their hostesses.  Another option is signing up as a direct seller just to get the discount on a product you love!  Don’t overlook these home-based business opportunities. They can be a great way to earn free products.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! This is my first holiday season selling for Thirty-One, and I’m THRILLED to be able to get gifts for my family and friends for cheap as well! Part of the reason I signed up with Thirty-One was because I know that my family loves purses/bags, so it works well for gifts!

  2. I have always wanted to try out hosting a party, but the thing I hate is that people always feel like they HAVE to buy something even if they don’t want to – I hate making people feel that way…

  3. I would love to host a party of some kind, but I feel like people always feel obligated to come and buy something even if they really don’t want to…and that makes me uneasy, even if I truly stand by the product


  5. I want to win the 31 large city bag giveaway, and these parties sound interesting! I can’t believe you raised that much!! Wow!

  6. I like hosting parties, my house gets cleaned, my friends come over, I get free/reduced prices! The only thing is I don’t want them to feel like they “have” to buy something. But usually if they don’t want to, they just won’t come to the party. 😉

  7. Oh what a wonderful idea and I so have wanted to host some different brands – now I have a really good reason to do so – thanks!!

  8. This is such a great idea! These are fantastic products, and it sounds like you have fun “celebrating” them 🙂

  9. One of the reasons why I chose to be a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts is their online capabilities. You can host a cyber party so you and your friends and family can shop from the comfort of your own homes. This way there’s no awkward pressure to buy. I can also set up an online Skype party where we meet online and I display the products so you and your F&F can see the size and features through my webcam. Contact me if interested in a cyber party.
    [email protected]

  10. I just love being a Hostess, having a party.. The hostess gifts are just a bonus, but it is a GREAT way to score freebies and NICE freebies at that!

  11. thanks for letting me add my links! You can do an online order for any of the businesses and have people in other states order to help your party!

  12. I used to this when I was SAHM, but haven’t done it lately. Going to keep this in mind to stock up for Christmas gifts for 2011.

    brosius at tds dot net

  13. I hosted a Southern Living party years ago and just found some freebies I won in my basement. (I know, I’m totally disorganized!) Great gifts!

  14. I agree totally. I sell The Pampered Chefs products. I started selling it to “support my habit.” I’ve hosted parties of all types and used my host benefits for gifts many times. I’ve also done the riciprocal hosting thing several times myself.

  15. I used to sell Tupperware and know how fun and exciting these parties can be both for the seller and the person holding the party. We have moved so much the last few years that I no longer have a base group of friends local that I could even invite to a party.

  16. Buying things for others with your hostess rewards is a geat idea. We just moved to a new state and once I meet some new people in the area, hosting a home party would be a great way to spend some time with them and get to know them.

  17. I like the idea of hosting parties to get together with friends. If planned properly, it’s a great opportunity to keep up with friends, learn about exciting products and benefit from it as well.

  18. I’ve hosted one party and invited tons of friends. It frustrated me because I made some very yummy foods and prepared for many because only a couple bothered to RSVP. Only 4 of the 25+ I invited showed up. I haven’t wanted to host another party since! 🙁 I guess if I ever decide to have another party I will make it more informal.

  19. My family and friends have received Arbonne, Pampered Chef and Tupperware from me when I’ve had direct sales home parties. I love this idea!

  20. This is a great post for me to read because I’ve never done any kind of home party. I think I have only been to 2 parties that other people had. My main concern is how do you advertise if you are a consultant or how do you get people to come to your party and buy stuff? The 2 parties I went to before, the other people there had already been to several other parties like that and they had already purchased stuff. Some people bought something little just because they felt bad.

  21. Great article! Home parties are a great idea, too, because you don’t have to go to the mall or the store and bear the crowds. The consultant brings everything to you! I always let people know how hosting a party earns them FREE product and what could be better than that!

  22. That’s a great idea! I did Pampered Chef for a while and earned some great stuff for free. I think hosting a party would be a lot less work.

  23. I love to do home parties as well, only I teach school, so I try to do them after school in the media center and then I don’t even have to clean, I just have to provide the food and have fun!!!

  24. I have hosted several home parties, and I have loved the free merchandise I received for it. I’ll have to remember to do it again closer to the holidays, so I can have free gifts!

  25. Not only are there great products to buy at these parties, it is also a grat social event to get together with friends and family!!

  26. I lovee hosting partys!!! The freebies are great!! I had a jewelry party before my wedding in 07, and earned so many credits i was able to myself, my daughter and my whole bridal party [6 girls] a necklace and a bracelet to wear the day of the wedding…and that was my gift to them! It wasn’t cheap stuff, but it was free for me=)

  27. I also was in direct sales for several years and I had ever direct sales party coming and going. It is a great way to stock up on more expensive gifts for weddings and Christmas!

  28. A “Snow Day for Stockpiling Moms” is an A OK thing…we all need a break from running around for all the deals now and then…RELAX. 🙂 I would LOVE to have a snow day…it was in the 80’s here today in South Florida and very high humidity too.

  29. OOPPPSSS….LOL…wrong place. I have been a consultant for a number of companies in the past. One of my faves was Pampered Chef.

  30. I love to host parties! I’ve done Party Lite and Pampered Chef. I’ve been to a thirty one party. So many good scents.

  31. I have never done a home party. I have thought about doing a couple different kind like the candle parties. I always thought it was too difficult.

  32. I’d never considered direct sales parties before. You’ve given me something to think about. Thanks for the post.

  33. This is a great idea. The only drawback is that whenever I attend a direct sales party, I feel sort of obligated to buy something so that the hostess can earn rewards. This works okay if your friends have a good income, but not so great

  34. What a great idea. I have only been to one of these kinds of parties. It would be nice if I was in direct sales.

  35. I love this idea!!! Your pretty much got $300 for a little time, energy, and inexpensive dessert & drinks. What direct sales company did you work for during those 11 years?

  36. I have hosted several home parties, Pampered Chef, Southern Living, Discovery Toys, Tupperware. I love the free merchandise I received for it and have used them as gifts in the past.
    Haven’t had one in awhile but I find that having a catalog party gets you some great goodies too!

  37. Great idea to wait for double hostess award parties! Sounds like it is totally worth it! Thanks:)

  38. I have sold both Avon and Tupperware. It allowed me to stay home with my older boys, who were 20 months apart. It worked for me for quite a while. I have also had parties over the years and I love the push it gives me to clean the house and have some friends over, not to mention the free products you can earn.

  39. I like going to in home parties and i love cooking for them but I hate trying to sell anything.

  40. I’ve hosted some parties before for a cookware line and a jewelry line. I love the benefit of free gifts. And like you said, it’s a good excuse to have friends come over and clean the house 🙂

  41. I loved having my 31 party! I’m so in love with 31 products that I might have to have another one soon! 🙂

  42. This is a fantastic idea! I used to host these kinds of parties, but life got super busy and I stopped. Sounds like its time for me to check into this again.

  43. My friend is a Thirty-One Consultant and does very well for yourself and her family. Love her parties and all the cool freebies!

  44. Hostess gifts are great gifts to give! Having a party at home is the BEST way to stockpile those gifts throughout the year. Winning the BIG PRIZE would also be a great way!

  45. New to this site and I love ‘Stockpiling Moms’. I thought I was a ‘hoarder’ ! WHEW!
    In January this year Thirty One had a special on their small and large thermal totes. They were and amazing price somewhere around 7 and 9 dollars each. The personalization was about 4 to 5 dollars each. I ordered 13 of them for all the girls in my family. Throughout the year I gave them away for Mothers Day and birthdays. The last one was given away to my sister -n -law for her birthday over Thanksgiving. These nice gifts were a huge hit for such a small price and my shopping was done for the year in the first two weeks of January! My mother-in-law ordered a slew of these same items for the staff in her medical office for employee gifts. I should have been a consultant! Gotta LOVE the specials!

  46. Great idea really….. A good reason to get the house clean, a nice night “out” for the girls, and FREE stuff for you or gifts…

  47. Great idea, i would host a party if i knew alot of people, but unfortunately i dont know many people in my area, maybe in the future i may be able to.

  48. I had someone host a direct sales party for my bridal shower and it was a great way to get some great gifts. It also makes it easy on the buyer because then they don’t have to fret about what to get you and wonder if you really like it!

  49. I love the personalization of having a direct sales party – it’s like going shopping with all your closest friends at the same time!

  50. You made great points in this post. My husband and I are trying to figure out how to get our “side” business off the ground. I would LOVE to have the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mommy… maybe this will be it. I need to create a list of friends that sell and see if we can do some exchange parties.

    As always, thanks for the great information!

  51. I love hosting for others when they host for me! It gives us both great rewards! I recently did a “swap” of product for equal amounts with a consultant of another company I met at a vendor show! A great way to try new things and network!

  52. This JOB! Has allowed me to stay home with my kids for the last 4 years! I love to help other ladies reach their WHY. Such am amazing company

  53. Hello everyone! If you haven’t heard about Jamberry, now is the time to! 🙂 We sell over 300 different styles of nail wraps. They are perfect stocking stuffers, especially for the Holidays coming up. You can also host a party via Facebook. Please let me know if you have questions, and happy shopping 🙂

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