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Frugal Spring Kids Activities

Spring is officially here! While there is still quite a bit to do during the winter months with the kids, March opens up a whole new and exciting world of things to do. Especially if you live in a colder area these Frugal Spring Kids Activities are perfect for welcoming the warmer temperatures! Even if you tend to do the same things year after year, just remember that it is still exciting for your kids. While we do love to get out and do things during the spring, we are frugal about what we do. Here are some of our favorite frugal spring activities.

Frugal Spring Activities For Kids

Frugal Spring Kids Activities


I love bubbles because they are cheap. Whether you make your own bubbles or use the store-bought ones, everyone is going to have a good time no matter what age they are. For the little ones, they enjoy just trying to blow the bubbles by themselves. For the older kids, you can offer several different types of wants and bubble solutions and they can try to figure out what combination yields the biggest bubbles or the strongest bubbles. You can even offer them a chance to create their own solution and see how it works.

Backyard Games

Do you remember playing games outside growing up?? I sure do! We have made it a point to bring those games back with our own kids. I can’t lie, I wasn’t really sure how they were going to go over. When I realized that my kids too were having fun with the games, we now play things like freeze tag, red rover, mother may I and many more quite frequently.

Fly a Kite

Find an open field and spend the morning or afternoon flying a kite. If your kids are older, have them build a kite or two with what you have on hand and then go fly them.

Cloud Watching

Take time out of your busy day to lay in the grass with your kids and watch the clouds. My kids love calling out the things they see and hearing what I see too.

Take it Outside

Now that it is nicer outside and it stays lighter later, take whatever possible outside to do it. Have everyone grab a book and enjoy the fresh air. Send the kids and their art projects outside. Whenever possible, head outside and just enjoy the air. There are many times you will see the kids and I reading outside or using sidewalk chalk. It just plain old feels good to be out in the fresh air.

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