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Fat Blasting Carrot Pineapple Juice Recipe

We love juicing for the great health benefits, and this Fat Blasting Carrot Pineapple Juice Recipe is one of our favorites.  It is sweet enough that you will feel like you are indulging when you are really working to add much-needed vitamins to your daily life.  Juicing is pretty calorie and nutrient dense, so this is something you want to do once a day as a meal replacement.

Fat Blasting Carrot Pineapple Juice Recipe

Fat Blasting Carrot Pineapple Juice Recipe

For years we have heard the benefits of carrots, celery, and pineapple for helping you burn fat.  The truth is, they are great foods to juice and help give you a surge of energy and vitamins.  While they are not specifically a miracle diet juice, they will help you to cut back on calories and make a great replacement for a meal.  This is a perfect juice to start the day! Pineapple juice is often suggested if you need some help with regularity so it is a great way to start your day.

Ingredients for Carrot Pineapple Juice

1 pound carrots

1 cup fresh pineapple

2 stalks celery

1 cucumber

Directions for Carrot Pineapple Juice

Prepare vegetables and fruit to fit your juicer.

Juice according to directions on your juicer

Stir well and keep refrigerated until time to drink

Makes 2 servings

We use the NutriHome Slow Masticating Juicer.  I love it because it really gets all of the juice out of the fruit and vegetables, and I don’t have to worry about peeling them!  It is a reasonable price, and functional for daily use.  It’s also pretty easy to clean.  There are also excellent reviews on the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, but it is much more of an investment.

Fat Blasting Carrot Pineapple Juice Recipe

Juicing is often much higher in points when you are on Weight Watchers, but it is also a great way to get some nutrition when you aren’t feeling like eating much.  A 16-ounce portion is common when using a juice like this as a meal replacement.  Remember also, that juices can often help your body to flush, so expect some extra trips to the bathroom if you are drinking this every day.

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