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evol Gluten Free Review


evol Gluten Free Review. I recently had the opportunity to try evol frozen meals. I was excited to try them because I like to keep a few gluten free meals on hand for myself. If my husband is out of town or my son has soccer practice then sometimes I am on my own for dinner, a frozen meal is nice on occasion.



evol Gluten Free Review:

I was able to try several of the new gluten free entrees. My personal favorite was the Fire Grilled Steak Bowl. It was really filling, and I enjoyed eating it. They also have: Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Chicken Enchilada Bowl Bean & Cheese Enchilada Bowl Gluten Free Chicken Burrito, Gluten Free Beef Burrito and Gluten Free Chicken and Guac. They are also affordable at $3.49 – $4.49 each.

I have sampled (most) of the above and didn’t find one that I didn’t like. I would give this brand my recommendation and two thumbs up! They use nothing artificial all natural proteins hormone free cheese and non-GMO grains vegetables and oils.

The meals were easy to prepare in the microwave but didn’t taste microwaved if that makes sense. The burritos are great to enjoy for a meal on the go too!  I am super excited because evol is now in Target nationwide!

Disclaimer: evol provided product for me to sample however all opinions are 100% my own.

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