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Easy Ways To Eat Healthy Breakfasts

Easy Ways To Eat Healthy Breakfasts

The old saying says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but often it can be a tough meal to get in because of rushing out the door. Here are Easy Ways To Eat Healthy Breakfasts that are sure to keep your family fed even on busy mornings. A well balanced diet and regular meal times will help keep your blood sugar in check, your mind clear and your immune system healthy.


Make Breakfast In Advance And Freeze For Easy Reheating. Breakfast bakes, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos are all great on the go meals that can be made with reduced fat and organic foods to create a healthy meal that is quick to reheat and grab on the go.

Offer No Cooking Needed Options. While those classic toaster pastries aren’t considered healthy, homemade lower fat and sugar free muffins, fresh fruit and yogurt or even ready made smoothies with Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and almond milk are great options.

Take Turns In The Kitchen. Assign everyone a morning for breakfast so nobody feels the burden every day. Make sure to have simple things on hand for the younger family members to prepare.

Think Outside The Breakfast Box. Just because it is eaten at breakfast time doesn’t mean it has to be breakfast food. Any food that is easy to grab and go will work. Pita pockets filled with veggies and sprouts are filling and quick. Grilled pizza, salads or even a bowl of chili. Whatever you enjoy can be eaten for breakfast too.

Make Breakfast Kabobs. Instead of serving breakfast with a plate and fork, cut your homemade breakfast sausage, cheese and fresh fruit into chunks and slide onto skewers for a quick and fun on the go breakfast idea.

Trail Mix. Make your own trail mix with homemade granola clusters, nuts, raisins and other dried fruits and portion in advance to grab and go. This can be a snack but also a great hearty breakfast with all the vitamins from the dried fruit, good fast in the nuts, complex carbs from the homemade granola and of course the protein from the nuts to get you through a busy morning.

Hard Boiled Eggs. When all else fails grab an egg. Hard boil a few at a time and keep handy in your fridge for a quick protein packed breakfast on the go.

Discovering easy ways to eat healthy breakfasts is nothing more than thinking outside the basic bacon, egg and toast breakfast of our childhoods. Any meal can be breakfast. Breakfast isn’t about the food as much as when you eat it. Choose your favorite easy to grab and go foods and prep them ahead of time to make eating a healthy breakfast not just a goal but a reality.

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  1. Establishing a healthy breakfast routine is so important. I can’t wait to try all these tips and recipes!

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