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Dollar General Bobbie Brooks Jeans Review

Bobby Brooks Skinny Jeans Review

Check out our Dollar General Bobbie Brooks Jeans Review. I received a pair of Bobbie brooks jeans from the Dollar General.  I was really hesitant on trying them because I am a really hard fit.

Dollar General Bobbie Brooks Jeans Review:

I have very small legs and a not as small waist.  It is hard for me to find jeans that fit both.  I usually find jeans that fit me around the middle and then my legs go swimming in them.

Right after I received the pair of jeans, I washed them.  They held up great and I even dried them.  I am a dryer.  I dry everything!  Guess what, THEY STILL FIT!   I put them on and hit the grocery store and then headed over to Melissa’s house.

They fit my legs very well and also fit around the waist.  Melissa really like the way they looked on me.  I like the way they looked and the way they felt around the waist and legs.  I did find the jeans were a little stiff at first but once I wore them a few times they loosened up!

The greatest thing about these jeans is they can be purchased for as low as $12.00 at Dollar General.  I really like the fact they were 5 pocket stretch jeans.  I do not think I own many pants that do not have the stretch factor.  This is very appealing to me.  There is not a big difference from a $40.00 pair of jeans.

If you plan on trying a pair of bobby brooks jeans, I would love to hear about it!  These jeans would be perfect for school, casual outings, and more.  I wore them with sandals the first day but when I got home that night I threw on a pair of heels, and they looked very nice.

Check out Bobbie brooks at Dollar General! Let me know about your experience with Bobbie brooks jeans!

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  1. After reading your review, I purchased a pair as I am in DESPARATE need of jeans. I purchased two pairs in average length. One pair fits larger than the other! They both are the same size but one waist is larger and the pantlegs fit longer. I usually wear average-length jeans and don’t have a problem with length but these jeans pant length are VERY long and I am not a fan of pantlegs wider at the bottom. Besides this, these are a great pair of jeans! They look good on me. I can hem the pantlegs and throw them in the dryer, which may help with the length. Overall a great pair of jeans for a great price!

    1. Not at all unusual for items of the same size to measure and fit totally differently – either because they were tagged incorrectly or who knows!

      I used to work for Sears, and I was always astonished by their Canyon River Blues brand of ladies’ jeans. The sizing would be all over the place. Some 16s were larger than 18s; some average length were shorter than short length! I learned then to always, ALWAYS try clothes (and pants especially!) on.

  2. Thanks Barrie for the Comment! I am glad you liked them. That is very odd about the waist size. I did not have two pairs to compare. Thank you for letting us know!

    1. I am 5’9, 135 lbs, all legs. So it’s extremely difficult to find a pair of jeans that fit waist and length, I like my jeans to come atleast below my ankles. What I’m having a problem with, is when I find a pair that fit, I don’t dry them for fear of shrinking, but they still shrink when I wash them. I absolutely love the Bobbie Brooks clothing collection, & prices…..but am I just not going to be able to wear the jeans or sweat pants? Any advice???

  3. I didn’t get the regular length jeans, but I did buy the capri length jeans. I love them! They have elastic in the back of the wasitband so they hold on to me better. The stretch is just right and does not become sloppy as the day wears on. The capris are holding up well through several washings. Best $12 I spent this summer!

  4. I purchased these a couple of weeks ago and love them. I found your site by Googling Bobbi jeans just to see if they had a website where I can purchase more.

    I purchased the “blue” jeans, but am looking for black and possibly other colors. Went to 2 stores and they didn’t have the black in my size, so commenced online trying to find another source.
    Just wanted to comment that I like them too. Purchased them totally on a whim without even trying them on! and that is rare. I was elated that they actually fit and look good on me. Woohoo for dollar stores.

  5. I bought these jeans out of desperation for needing some more. My husband had purchased jeans at Dollar General so I said what the heck, I’ll look for some. Found Bobbi Brook jeans, what a great find and $12 I am so there. They fit nice around the hips, a little big in the waist but that’s just how I am shaped, and I like that the legs are not super tight since that just is so uncomfortable for me. I love the stretch factor too. If I find these in other colors I will be buying some more.

  6. I tried these jeans after seeing them in Dollar General, you can’t beat the $12 price and they fit great. I wore them and a friend asked me where I got them, she thought they were from the Gap 🙂 Awesome jeans!

  7. Loved the Bobbie Brooks skinny jeans and bought several pair for $12 each at Dollar Store. Would like to purchase several more but my local Dollar Store hasn’t gotten any more shipments. They said they weren’t sure if they’d be getting anymore. Would also like the same style skinny jean but in black. Any chance this will occur?

  8. I have looked at all the Dollar General stores in my area for Bobbie Brooks Denim jeans in my size. They have not restocked in, I know a month now. I don’t like the skinny jeans, I want the womens Denim. Majority of the stores in our area no longer carry them. I know they are a big seller in my area but the stock people does not do there job. When I return trip after trip the same items that are missed placed are still on the shelf and this is not just one trip.

  9. I love these jeans! Now I find out that dollar general will no longer be carrying these! Where can I get these jeans? Love them in need of more.

  10. Bought 2 pair black and blue, they fit perfectly and was able to fit an 2 sizes smaller. They have given me some nice comments from people that I meet. Mine were $15.00 a pair.

  11. I clean houses for a living and every winter buy several pair of these for work.
    I live in Southeast La and lost my home and possessions in the recent flooding .
    I cannot fine these anywhere !
    Help plz !

  12. I have had a handful of dollar general bobby brooks jeans love them and the price. Now I go looking for more and 6 dollar generals in my area don’t have them or if they do it’s 4 pair and not my size. Why don’t they get more of a supply? I have had a similar problem with other items at dollar general.

  13. I like the new Bobbie Brooks Jean’s I got from dollar general online. They fit nicely but I have one issue with them, they only have pockets in the back. Being a truck driver I like having pockets in the front as well. I dont really carry a purse so it’s nice to have that option.
    The sweats I ordered fit nicely also. But as per usual womens sweats dont have pockets…that sucks. .

  14. I bought a pair of bobbie brooks jeans,bootcut,15 years ago .The number is:RN67227.LOVE,LOVE,LOVE these jeans. Can I still get these jeans?

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