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How to make sponge bombs

How to make sponge bombs

How to make sponge bombs. Get ready for summer with these easy, frugal and FUN sponge bombs! Kid tested for hours of outside fun! Enjoy this easy do it yourself project and get ready for hours of entertainment.

How to make sponge bombs

How to Make Sponge Bombs:

You will just need some basic supplies that you can pick up at your local dollar store or grocery store. You might even have the majority of these items on hand. If you are looking for a way to cool day this summer give this craft project a try. Look for fun summer colors that kids will enjoy.

This is a fun reusable summer water project that is fun and keeps the kids cool when you don’t have access to a pool. Also fun with a kiddie pool.


  • 4 pack of sponges
  • Replacement mop head
  • Zip ties

How to make sponge bombs

How To Get Started:

Step 1: Cut each sponge into tall thirds

Step 2: Cut several strips from your mop head.

How to make sponge bombs

Step 3: Gather the sponges and several mop strips in your hand. I used 6 sponge strips per bomb.

Step 4: Cinch your zip tie very tightly in the middle of the sponges and mop strips.

How to make sponge bombs

Step 5: Trim the long pieces of mop strips and trim the tail from the zip tie.

Step 6: Fluff out the sponges and head outside with a bucket of water!

I hope you enjoy this easy DIY project.  Sponge bombs are simple to make and loads of fun. You will create lots of memories with your kids.

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