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DIY Back to School Teacher Gift Pen Holder

This easy to do DIY Back to School Teacher Gift – Pen Holder is an idea that is easy to make. It is simple to create and it serves as both a name plate and a pencil holder.  Even if you are not crafty you can create this gift.

DIY Back to School Teacher Gift of a Pen Holder will make the school year start off right!

I know it’s hard to believe but summer break is almost over for my kids and they will be heading back to school soon! It seems like the summer just flew by and I am now making sure to get all their school supplies.  With that I am making some teacher gifts.

DIY Back to School Teacher Gift – Pen Holder

1) Get a 2X4 board from the store. (You may even be able to find some that are already angled at the end)

2) You will want to cut off edges to make the angle of a pencil end. Once you cut this you will want to sand it good to avoid splinters and snags.

3) Next you will want to tape off sections to paint like a pencil and let it dry. Reapply coats of paint if needed.

4) If you have a vinyl cutting machine you can then do their name on it and then stick it on. You can also buy sticker letters from Michaels, Walmart, etc.  Or if you are very crafty you can hand paint the names on.

I am sure this DIY Idea will be perfect for any teacher!  Be sure to fill it with pens for a complete gift that your kids new teacher is sure to love!

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