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Calling all Artists for a Colorful Birthday Party

Calling all Artists for a Colorful Birthday Party

Calling all Artists for a Colorful Birthday Party. Do you have an artist in the family? Plan a Calling all Artists party for their birthday and encourage their creative side. The perfect time to stock up on supplies for your little artist’s party is NOW when art supplies are on sale with back-to-school sales. Stock up on colored pencils, markers or watercolors and send each guest home with their own art supplies in their gift bags.

Calling all Artists for a Colorful Birthday Party:

When decorating for your art party use all the colors in the rainbow to create a colorful space. This would be a great use for any of the different color supplies you have in your birthday box, a box where I keep clearance and seasonal items that I plan to use for birthday parties.

Instead of traditional party games, plan simple art activities but keep in mind that art is about the process not the final product. Instead of planning craft activities where the guest makes something from a model provide a variety of materials and let the children be creative.

When we celebrated with an Art party each child took a painted wooden picture frame that we later put a picture of the children all together in as a party favor. You could also use foam stickers instead of paint. Use broken crayon pieces to let each child make their own crayons by melting them in a muffin tin in the oven. This is a great take home item for each of your guests and the children think this is amazing. Check out this post on how to make recycled crayons for a step by step guide.

Encourage your guests to be creative by making plain or white frosted cupcakes and giving them the toppings to create their one of kind yummy birthday cake. A Calling all Artist party can be colorful, creative and low cost. Hope you will give it a try for your little artist at their next birthday.

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