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Baking Soda Shower Door Cleaner

All Natural Shower Door Cleaner

Baking Soda Shower Door Cleaner? Who knew? Not me! My friend Laura told me about this tip a few weeks ago and I tried it out. It is a great non toxic way to clean your shower doors and works! Just wet your sponge, add baking soda (it makes a paste) and clean. That is all you need! Just 1 ingredient! It breaks down soap scum easily.  You can add more baking soda to the sponge if needed and wipe down your surface.  Then rinse the door and you will see it shine!

You can easily add a drop of citrus essential oil too for a bonus aroma and extra disinfectant   Your shower doors will sparkle too! Not only that but it deodorizes at the same time! Add a drop of lemon or orange essential oil and you will be in heaven.


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  1. Every time when I take a shower the shower door become stained with soap scum. Thanks a lot for the advices with the baking soda! I will definitely try them!

  2. Nice and helpful idea. I try to keep the shower door clean but after my boys take shower one after another, all the cleaning should be stared again. Thanks for the good tip. Greets!

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