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Affordable Glasses with Glasses.com

Affordable Glasses with Glasses.com

Get Affordable Glasses with Glasses.com. Do you or does someone in your family wear glasses?  I have worn glasses since I was in college.  I honestly don’t know what I would without them.  I am dependent on glasses to see but they are really a part of my look at this point in my life.

Affordable Glasses with Glasses.com:

I really like being able to have more than one pair so I can change them based on the style I am wearing.  However, because of the cost at the optometrist I don’t normally opt to have multiple pairs that is until I found Affordable Glasses with Glasses.com.

Affordable Glasses with Glasses.com

Affordable Glasses with Glasses.com:

Buying Glasses Online to Save Money is one option is to purchase glasses and that makes the cost a little more affordable.  I honestly don’t normally opt for that because of not being able to try the glasses on.  However, Glasses.com has recently rolled out a Free 3D Virtual Try-On app for the iPad.

Affordable Glasses with Glasses.com

Using your device’s camera, 3Dfit creates a 3D model of your face.  You can then “test drive” 2,000+ frames in Glasses.com inventory, creating an interactive photorealistic image. Unlike other virtual try-on technology, with 3Dfit you can then try on and view frames from any angle — perfectly scaled to your face.

I decided to download the app to my iPad, and I have to say it was a really cool experience.  It took a little time to set up, but it was totally worth the experience of being able to virtually “try on” the glasses.

I love how easy Glasses.com is to shop from. You can select by brand, face shape, style, colors and types.  This makes it easy to sort and narrow down which glasses you want to try-on.  By using the 3Dfit app I could narrow down the glasses that I liked.

Glasses.com has also launched a Free In-Home Try-On service where you can receive up to 4 frames to test out for a week.  You get Free shipping both ways!  I love that you can actually try on the glasses before making a purchase.  After using the 3Dfit I am able o try them on before making a purchase.

Glasses.com  is also really affordable.  Single lenses are on sale right now for as low as $29.50 a pair!  With the new 3Dfit and Free In-Home Try-On Service it is more affordable.  It is also more likely that you will like the glasses you order too!  I am personally in need of new glasses and I plan to go get my prescription from my optometrist and then use the Free In-Home Try On service to try on the glasses I liked most from the 3Dfit and make my purchase!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post however all opinions are 100% my own.


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