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Adulting 101

Check out our tips and ideas for Adulting 101. What is adulting? It is the process of where you become an adult! Crazy huh? But are your kids prepared?

Adulting 101

What does adulting mean? Adulting is an informal term to describe behavior that is seen as responsible and grown-up. This behavior often involves meeting the mundane demands of independent and professional living, such as paying bills and running errands. AKA living on your own without someone else footing the bill.

Here are some tips to help you as you enter “adulthood”.

Adulting 101:

How to do Laundry

Key Lessons of Financial Success You Don’t Learn in School

How to Balance a Checkbook

Tips for Using a Weekly Meal Plan

Tips for Creating a Household Budget

How To Start Cooking with your Kids

What Teens Should Know Before Applying for a Job

How to Help Your Child Transition from High School to College

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