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25 Bean Recipes

Enjoy these 25 Bean Recipes! A great way to stretch your family budget. Looking for some easy meals for your family using pantry supplies? Beans are a favorite in our house. They are super versatile, inexpensive, gluten-free, and full of protein. Plus, they are so easy to cook in the slow cooker or the Instant Pot. For those who are bored with plain beans, now is the time to check out some of these great recipes to add variety to your menu.

25 Easy Recipes Using Beans

Beans are such a great addition to any stockpile. While canned beans may be the most common, dry beans are an excellent choice for keeping in the pantry longer. I love that I can grab either and whip up a meal that everyone loves. These recipes are excellent for meatless meals, but many are great as side dishes.

Should I Use Canned or Dry Beans?

What type of bean you use depends upon your preference, availability, and the individual recipe. Most recipes work well with dry beans once they are cooked. So, if you don’t have canned on hand, just cook dry from scratch. You can cook most dry beans in under an hour in the Instant Pot or in 4-5 hours in your slow cooker. Use whichever method works better for you, and get started enjoying delicious bean filled meals.

Crock-Pot Recipes Using Beans

Crockpot Ham & Northern Beans from Stockpiling Moms

 Cowboy Beans from Stockpiling Moms

Pinto Beans from Stockpiling Moms

Crockpot Cuban Black Beans from Crock-Pot Ladies

Mexican Red Beans from Crock-Pot Ladies

Instant Pot Recipes Using Beans

Red Beans and Rice from Stockpiling Moms

Instant Pot Refried Beans from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

Triple Bean Soup from How to This and That

Instant Pot Black Bean Soup from Craft Create Cook

Easy Bean Soups

White Bean and Crispy Bacon Soup from DIYnCrafts

Navy Bean Bacon Chowder from Camellia

Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili from Smiley’s Points

Navy Bean Soup from A Spicy Perspective

More Delicious Bean Recipes

Sauteed Black Beans from Stockpiling Moms

Cannelini Beans with Italian Sausage from Stockpiling Moms

Country Bob’s Baked Beans from Stockpiling Moms

Summer Kidney Bean Salad Recipe from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

Black Bean Flautas from DIYnCrafts

Black Bean Burgers from Sally’s Baking Addiction

Afghan Kidney Bean Curry from The Curious Chickpea

Southwest Vegetarian Burrito Skillet from Brooke and Daron

White Bean Dip with Pita Chips from Mama Loves to Eat

Kidney Bean and Coconut Curry from The Kitchn

Great Northern Beans with Tomatoes from Never Enough Thyme

Cantina Pinto Beans Recipe from Taste of Home




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