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Buying Guide For Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Buying Guide For Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

I have always had a terrible time picking fruits and vegetables.  A question I always asked myself was “Why is it always so intimidating for me to pick fruits and vegetables. ” I think a lot of the reason was I didn’t want to waste money on bad produce.  This is why I carried a Buying Guide For Fresh Vegetables and Fruits!  A long time ago, the ladies from Woodmen Lodge 961 made a cookbook full of recipes, tips, and lots of great information.  I started carrying their list with me so I could look at it if I second guessed myself.  Experience is your best teacher when you are selecting your produce but I want to share a few tips.

Buying Guide For Fresh Vegetables and Fruits


Berries – Avoid leaky berries and stained containers.  Select solid berries with good color.

Avocado – Press gently at the stem. If it is ripe it should not leave an indention. I usually choose dark Avocados.

Cantaloupes – Thick close netting on the rind is best. Cantaloupes are ripe when the stem scar is smooth and the netting space is yellow or yellow green.

Honeydew – They are ripe when the rind has creamy to yellowish color and a velvety texture.

Grapefruit, Oranges, and Lemons – Heavy for size. If they have a smoother thinner skin, they tend to be juicer.  Avoid citrus with soft or sunk in ares.

Watermelon – If ripe it will have some yellow on one side.  Avoid pale green, they are not ripe.


Asparagus – Stalks should be tender and firm with the tips closed and compact.  If the stalks have very little white they will be more tender.

Beans, Snap – Avoid Beans with dry pods.

Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, and Cauliflower – Flower clusters should be close together and tight. Brussel Sprouts should be firm and compact.  Dirty and smudged spots may indicate insects.

Cucumbers – Better quality cucumbers tend to be long and slender. Dark or medium green are best.

Peas and Lima Beans  – Avoid dry pods.  Select pods that are filled but not bulging.

We would like to welcome you to leave your tips and tricks in the comments! We love learning new things just as you!

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