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15 Earth Day Tips and Ideas


15 Earth Day Tips and Ideas you can do with your family!

Below is a list of 15 Earth Day Tips and Ideas that you and your family can do. Tomorrow is Earth Day so be sure to do your part for our environment! My kids are helping me with pulling weeds out of the flower beds and planting new flowers for Spring. My boys are also excited to go cash in their cans they have been saving all winter long. What will you be doing on Earth Day?

Regardless of what you do take time to reflect on Earth Day and truly enjoy Mother Earth. We can make a small difference as individuals that starts to make a bigger difference when we all band together to celebrate. Maybe take a nature hike, feed the birds. The sky is the limit when it comes to celebrating. Plant a garden, collect garbage from the side of the road. The sky is truly the limit.

15 Earth Day Tips and Ideas

Gardening Tip – Vertical Gardening

Gardening Tip – Starting Your Seeds Indoors

Re-growing Green Onions from Green Onions

Homemade Washing Detergent

Lemon Vinegar Cleaner

Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Re-growing Celery from Celery

Organic Pest Control Remedies

DIY – How to clean your drain naturally

Planting a Moonflower = Hours of Family Fun

Going Green – Going Paperless!

Going Green – Tips for Going Green on a Budget

Going Green!  Energy, Water, Waste

Tips for Container Gardening

Keeping Mother Earth Happy

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