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Why You Should Use Parchment Paper

I have a love for parchment paper! I know it is sometimes more expensive, but I use it for everything.  Why You Should Use Parchment Paper will be crystal clear after reading this article! Sometimes people think you only use it for baking, but I have found so many other uses for it. Saving time in the kitchen is one of my top reasons!

why you should use parchment paper

Uses for Parchment Paper

Oven Bacon – I hate cleaning a pan but love cooking bacon in the oven.  Line your pan with parchment paper, making sure it lays over the sides of the pan.  Place bacon on parchment paper and cook it for 15-25 minutes.  After taking the bacon off the parchment let the grease dry and toss it in the garbage.  This way, you can avoid a greasy nasty pan! Less cleaning is a plus when making bacon, and I do not always need to save the grease.

Parchment paper helps with even baking.  Every pan I own is different and they do not always cook the same.

Eliminates sticking and you never have to spray or grease a pan!

Perfect for baking! Especially cinnamon rolls!

I love using parchment for cookies! You do not have to worry about them sticking, being greasy, and you can easily remove the cookies from the pan on the parchment paper.  No scraping, no grease, and no mess. Then you can use the parchment again for the next batch!

Perfect to make a packet to bake fish in the oven.

Using parchment can increase the life of your cookie sheets and pans.

Parchment paper will roll a perfect cheese ball with no sticking!

After some uses you can use it over again! It is not recyclable, but it is reusable.

You can use it in your slow cooker!

Cover Cooking workspaces with parchment.

You can use this wonder paper to separate frozen foods or baked goods.  For instance, I put parchment between my hamburgers when freezing them.

Awesome for reheating pizza!

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