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What is a Diet Bet?

Have you heard of a Diet Bet?  If you haven’t, or you have but still aren’t sure what they are or how to use them, this post is going to answer the question, “What is a Diet Bet?”.  Whether you are following our tips for using Weight Watchers, a Whole 30 Diet, or the more recent Ketogenic Diet, this is a great way to make a bit of extra money while losing weight.

What is a Diet Bet? How can in help me lose weight?

What is A Diet Bet?

To begin, we have to say that there is a specific program labeled Diet Bet.  This site and program is the first place to go if you want a generic experience with a diet bet program.  However, there are multiple options out there you can utilize with similar results.  You can check out the website for diet betting to learn more about their specific program.

Determine how much you can bet. 

To start, you have to understand that a diet bet is gambling on whether you will meet your goal or not.  You participate by putting forth a set amount of money either monthly or in one lump sum.  At the end of the bet, you will have to weigh in and provide proof of your weight or measurements lost.  If you have reached your goal, you will receive a reward. Depending on what diet bet option you choose, this could be one lump sum grand price, or could just be what you put into the bet initially.

Find the right diet bet option. 

For many online programs, when you pay your monthly fee, that goes toward what you will earn back at the end.  They also offer a matched bet or more.  In some instances, you can put in simply $10 a month for 1 year and earn back nearly $1000 at the end.  This number will vary by how much you have to lose, as well as how much you bet.  It is a gambling experience, but you are gambling on how well you do with diet and exercise.

There are other local diet bets you can enjoy with friends and family.  These typically have a one time fee, and whoever loses the largest percentage at the end of a set period of time will win the entire amount contributed.

Stick to your diet and exercise plan. 

To make the most of your diet bet, you will need to be consistent with your diet and exercise plan.  This includes eating well, exercising regularly, and not cheating on your diet plan.  We have shared several great ways to get healthier, and tons of tips to make it easier to manage.

Reap the rewards. 

Once you have met your diet bet goal, all you have to do is reap the benefits!  Depending on what you choose, a local group or a website, you will be able to earn easy cash doing something great for your health.  What can be better than that?

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