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Wardrobe Must Have – Black and White Striped Top

Wardrobe Must Have – Black and White Striped Top. Do you own a Black and White Striped Top? If not, I am going to tell you why this is a wardrobe must have! I recently took an online fashion course called Adore Your Wardrobe. It has been a game changer for me in terms of fashion. I get more compliments on a daily basis, I have less in my closet as a result and it doesn’t take me long to get dressed on a daily basis! One of the key items that I took away from this course was investing in quality pieces that look good on your body type.

Wardrobe Must Have – Black and White Striped Top

I am a curvy body type, and, in the past, I would avoid striped clothing at all costs. I always made the assumption that they made me look bigger than I was. What I learned in this class is quite the opposite. What does matter is the way the shirt fits your body. For example, this shirt actually shows off my curves. Depending on your body type you want to purchase shirts with specific necklines, sleeve lengths and shirt lengths. I have a long waist, so it is important for me to create the illusion of longer legs. The stripes pair with my curvy body type actually accentuate my curves and make me look thinner instead of wider like I used to think.

My suggestion to make this a fashion success is to match your black and white shirt with a pop of color. I choose red jeans however any bright color will do. Every time I wear this outfit, I get loads of compliments. Instead of wearing a silver necklace I chose another pop of color. I think the statement necklace choice of teal really completes the outfit! So, this black and white striped top is go-to for me now!

Why I the LOVE Adore Your Wardrobe Course

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  1. I love, love, love the black and white stripes – my daughter has a shirt just like it and I always tell her how nice it looks when she wears it. That shirt looks great on you!

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