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Toilet Roll Noisemaker

This is an easy toilet roll noisemaker that is perfect for cheering on your kids at a ballgame or even fun for mardi gras.

I love this Toilet Roll Noisemaker craft project.  If you are looking for an inexpensive noisemaker that the kids will love, then check out this project for how to make a Toilet Roll Noisemaker.

Another project that you may like is this homemade Spirit Shaker.  This craft would be perfect for New Year’s Eve Noisemakers or for cheering on siblings at games.  It is also perfect when celebrating Mardi Gras.  I hope you enjoy!

Toilet Roll Noisemaker:


Empty Toilet Rolls or Paper Towel Rolls

Paint or Markers




This craft is so easy!  Just staple the bottom and fill with beans (dry corn or pennies will work too) then pinch to close at the top and allow the kids to use markers or paint to decorate.  You could even add some bells inside if you want! Be sure not to give to children that this could be become a choking hazard for. You always want to be careful to make sure to use with supervision.

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