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Tips for Planning Back To School Lunches

It is time for Back-to-School!  Here are some Tips for Planning Back to School Lunches that will help you save time and money!  You may also find this Free Back to School Morning Routine Printable helpful too!

Tips for Planning Back to School Lunches

It is just about time for the back-to-school rush to start. A time to get organized and stay focused so the whole week goes smoothly. Most parents live from week to week, rejuvenating their energy and refrigerator every weekend. While we get those school bags ready with all the books, let’s not forget to plan out some nutritious and child friendly lunches that will make life a lot easier during the week. Below are a few tips to help with school lunches.

Prep work

The hardest thing about making school lunches is deciding what to make each day. It helps to pull out the recipe book and make a list of ‘non-fail’ recipes. You need to have enough easy to make recipes without being too repetitive and yet ensuring that leftovers can be incorporated into the lunch boxes. Have a schedule set up so you know what you are making each day of the week. It helps to plan all three meals. This may save some prep time and you could overlap a few dishes, use leftovers creatively or even have a theme for the day.

Good recipes

While we would love for the meal to be super nutritious, make sure it is also child friendly. Bite-sized meals or colorful pasta always makes a lunch box more appealing. Find out what your child enjoys eating and you can always find a way to make it healthy. Sometimes it helps to get kids into the lunchbox planning process by getting them involved with packing and stacking. When you pack your own lunch, it is always tastier.

Grocery list

The most important thing of planning is to have all the ingredients at home ahead of time. The weekend is a good time to chart out your complete meal plan and make an exhaustive grocery list that will help avoid those last-minute runs to the shop.

Well-planned lunches are good for both the health of your kids and your wallet.

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