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Simple Squares Gluten Free Review

Simple Squares are billed as being “Savory-Sweet, Whole Food Snack Bars Infused with Vanilla and Herbs.” They are free from wheat, gluten, sugar, dairy, and soy.  Simple Squares contain only organic ingredients, no refined sugars, and are never fried or baked. Basically, they are a nut snackbar, similar to other ones on the market. I tasted the Cinnamon Clove variety, but they also have the following flavors: Coconut, Rosemary and Sage, and Nut & Honey.

The taste profile on Simply Squares was a strong clove flavor in a crunchy, slightly sweet nutbar. They are square, about the size of the palm of your hand. I did not care for the strong clove flavor and could not finish the bar. I would be interested in seeing what the other flavors tasted like, but I would definitely not purchase this flavor variety. Simple Squares can be purchased online at Amazon, Abe’s Foods, and FoodShed.

Rachel Kokosenski is the Stockpiling Moms Gluten Free and Casein Free recipe expert.  Rachel is the mother of a son with Autism. She and her family began eating a gluten-free, casein-free diet in November 2011. Not long after, she discovered that she too was intolerant of gluten and has happily enjoyed discovering new ways to find delicious ways to enjoy eating a gfcf (gluten free and casein free) diet. Please visit her website or contact her through Facebook or Twitter to learn more.

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