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Parent’s Choice Infant Formula

Save Big with Parent’s Choice Infant Formula at Walmart. New moms learn from other moms.  It is nice to “offer advice” to new moms about everything from feeding to sleeping to diapers and more.  However, once you have a newborn, friends and family are quick to offer opinions on feeding methods, sleep schedules, and everything in between.

Parent’s Choice non-GMO Formula:

New Mothers appreciate advice however a new mom also needs the affirmation that her choice matters. I can remember when I was waiting for Peyton to come home from Guatemala, I got so much advice that my head was literally swimming. What mattered to me most was providing Peyton with the nutrition that he needed to grow and develop.

Save Big with Parent’s Choice™ Non-GMO Infant Formula at Walmart

Some of the best advice came to me at my baby shower.  One of the most powerful things given to me was a mom advice journal.  Each of the moms who were at my baby shower were asked to provide me some words of wisdom and encouragement that I could look to when I was having a tough day as a new Mom.  I still have that journal and it really has been a source of inspiration and guidance.

Save Big with Parent’s Choice™ Non-GMO Infant Formula at Walmart

One tip that I will share with you is no matter how much advice you get the one thing that you are never prepared for is blowout diapers!  Always be sure you are bringing along with you a change of clothing or two. It will always occur when you are either low on wipes or caught without your diaper bag for some reason. A great tip that I learned is if you are caught out it happens is that a plastic shopping bag can save the day! And your car seat :-).

My other piece of advice is enjoying the time you have with every stage of your kids’ lives. It goes so quickly! Start traditions when your kids are young because they will cherish those as they grow older. My son does!  We have traditions for every holiday of course but we also have some for the first and last day of school and other days of the year.

Save Big with Parent’s Choice™ Non-GMO Infant Formula at Walmart

Whether mom breastfeeds, bottle feeds, or supplements with formula, let’s not give her too many “opinions” and instead let’s support her for making the best choice for her baby and for mom too!  It is important to empower new moms and make them feel secure in their choices.

Save Big with Parent’s Choice™ Non-GMO Infant Formula at Walmart

If you choose to supplement or use formula, be sure to consider Parent’s Choice™ formula that is exclusively available at Walmart.  It is an excellent formula choice for new moms and their babies. We personally used this brand for Peyton and found it was an excellent source of nutrition and saved us a lot of money too! You can save even more with this $3 rebate available through Ibotta app on the 4 SKUs.

Save Big with Parent’s Choice™ Non-GMO Infant Formula at Walmart

Parent’s Choice™ Infant Formula is now available in non-GMO at Walmart. They offer four non-GMO formula options that feature a blend of nutrients that support your baby’s growth and development.  There are no concerns between name brand and store brand formulas. You are literally only paying for the brand name!

Save Big with Parent’s Choice™ Non-GMO Infant Formula at Walmart

Parent’s Choice™ non-GMO formula is nutritionally comparable to the national brands.  Parent’s Choice is a milk-based formula that provides complete nutrition for your baby’s first year 0-12 months and features a blend of nutrients that supports your baby’s health and brain development.  Parent’s Choice™ Infant (nutrition tailored for infants) – compared to the nutrition of Enfamil® Infant Non-GMO & you can save you up to 50 percent a year versus Enfamil® Infant.

Save Big with Parent’s Choice™ Non-GMO Infant Formula at Walmart

There are many product benefits to using Parent’s Choice:

  • Milk-Based Powder Infant Formula with Iron
  • DHA & Choline – Nutrients Founds in Breast Milk
  • Produced using ingredients that have not been genetically engineered
  • NeuroComplete – Supports Brain Development
  • Infant Non-GMO formula offers complete infant nutrition for babies 0-12 months. The formula features ingredients that are on the minds of healthcare professional and key to the development of: cognitive, motor, communications, and social function. Non-GMO Infant also features nutrients found in breast milk, including:
    • DHA and ARA which may support brain and eye development
    • Prebiotics which may help support your baby’s immune system and digestive health
    • Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc which may help aid in immune support
    • Lutein, an antioxidant found in the eye

Save Big with Parent’s Choice™ Non-GMO Infant Formula at Walmart

There are four non-GMO infant formulas available at Walmart:

Parent’s Choice™ Advantage® non-GMO Infant Formula:  is an infant formula featuring a blend of nutrients that support your baby’s growth and development from birth to 12 months of age.  Parent’s Choice™ Advantage® (designed to be more like breastmilk) – compared to the nutrition of Similac Advance Non-GMO.

Parent’s Choice™ Sensitivity® Infant Formula:  is designed for babies with fussiness and gas because of lactose intolerance.  Compare Parent’s Choice™ Sensitivity® Infant Formula nutrition to Similac® Sensitive®.  Some babies may have a hard time digesting foods containing high amounts of lactose, the carbohydrate (sugar) present in milk. Parent’s Choice™ Sensitivity® Infant Formula is a reduced-lactose alternative that still offers your baby the preferred protein source of cow’s milk.

Parent’s Choice™ Gentle® Formula offers complete nutrition and is a partially hydrolyzed formula.  Most babies are fussy or gassy at times. It is a common occurrence for babies, whose digestive systems are continuing to develop. But if you suspect your baby’s fussiness or gas doesn’t seem quite right, check with your baby’s doctor. He or she may recommend: a milk-based infant formula that has partially broken-down whey protein.  Parent’s Choice™ Gentle® (for fussiness, gas & crying) – compared to the nutrition of Enfamil® Gentlease® non-GMO.

Parent’s Choice™ Advantage® Non-GMO* Infant Formula:  features a blend of nutrients that supports your baby’s growth and development. The ingredients featured in this formula have not been genetically engineered. It is a Milk-Based Powder Infant Formula with Iron.

There is a huge savings opportunity for new moms when it comes to switching from a national brand to Walmart’s Parent’s Choice™.  Parent’s Choice™ costs up to 50 percent less than the nationally advertised brand. When you combine that with purchasing other baby products available at Walmart at Everyday Low Price the savings will add up quickly!

Check out this awesome sweepstakes! Who wouldn’t want to win a $200 Walmart gift card! Enter to win by sharing your own advice or the best advice you received using the hashtag #MomsKnowBestWM – Simply upload a photo with your advice for an entry to win! Plus, there are 25 prizes! We can’t wait to see who wins!  Of course with the $3 rebate available through Ibotta app on the 4 SKUs it is a great time to stock up!

Save Big with Parent’s Choice™ Non-GMO Infant Formula at Walmart

Be sure to share your own parenting advice using the hashtag #MomsKnowBestWM to enter to win and feel free to comment here on the blog too! Do you have a new baby or are you expecting? A $200 Walmart eGift Card would be great for a new Mom!

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mirum.  All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. Having an affordable, high quality choice for baby formula is so important. Floored at how much formula was I determined to breastfeed. This is fantastic! Savings and a quality product – you can’t go wrong at all!

  2. When it comes to food for the baby, it has to be just right, and compromises whatsoever. The Non_GMO infant formula looks really promising. Would recommend it to a few friends with babies.

  3. A big parent of being a parent is learning to living responsibly so that your children have a share of your prosperity. I love any product(s) which help me move closer to that goal. Thanks also for the give-away opportunity!

  4. We have never tried their formula because we had luck with using a pump to breastfeed and another brand to supplement so there was no need to try it. We did, however, use every other product they had, the diapers, wipes, and other baby items. We loved them, such a great brand and value!

  5. When my kids were babies I used Parents choice a lot. It was such an affordable option when it seemed everything was so much with diapers, etc.

  6. It has been a lot of years since we bought baby formula. Our youngest is about to turn 19. Our oldest is 30 and has two girls of her own. I believe she used Walmart brand formula with her youngest. It did save her a lot of money. I can not believe how expensive it is to have a baby these days. It’s just crazy.

  7. You had me laughing out loud about the diaper blow outs! Even once you realize it happens and have been through a few it never gets less alarming! Indeed having some plastic shopping bags on hand is a great tips and even though my kids are grown to this day I always carry some with me in the car and one in my bag as you never know when you will need one!

  8. I was a fearless formula feeder with my kids and I loved when I found our formula on sale. It was a great time to stock up. THis looks like a great deal and I love that there are non GMO formula options now. Great!

  9. I love that these non gmo formulas are not only good value for money but also full of probiotics which is so good for a young baby’s health. Do you know if this brand is available in the UK by any chance? Or if you can buy it online?

  10. I have to say that this article is very interesting to me. I’m not a Mom and I’ve been curious my niece is still breastfeeding my year and half old great niece. I’m going to pass this article along to her.

  11. My friend is switching from breast milk to formula and will be sending her this blog to read over. It seems like you have done your research and know exactly everything in this formula. I believe that is so important to know and understand what our kids are eating. Thank you for sharing this article!

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