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Purina One Stop Cat Shop at Walmart

Purina One Stop Cat Shop at Walmart. There’s nothing crazy about being a cat lady. But there IS something crazy about buying cat brands that don’t provide you with everything you need to become the “purrfect pet parent”.

Even though I don’t have a cat my parents do.  Since moving to Berea I spend a lot of time taking care of Miss Kitty. Whenever my parents are out of town I am the “cat sitter” and when they are in town I am sure to spend time with her giving her extra love and attention when I am at their house.

It you are a cat parent be sure to check out the One Stop Cat Shop at Walmart.  It will be your go-to place for all-things cat, including food, treats and litter. Not only is it a convenient one-stop shop, but it’s also a great place to stock up and get a great value. And right now, you can earn special Shopkick offers on participating Purina brands at Walmart. This is a great resource to educate yourself whether you are a new or experienced cat owner.  It is so important to continue learning as your cat goes from kitten through older ages. Also, you can find BIG savings when shopping for your furry friends.

Purina One Stop Cat Shop at Walmart - Stock up, Save, and Educate Yourself

How often should you change your cat litter?

  • Scoop waste daily to help keep your cat happy and your home fresh.
  • Change the litter (dump it all out) and wash the litter box with hot soapy water twice a month to keep it fresh and clean.
  • Keep 2-3 inches for non-clumping litter or 3-4 inches for clumping litter in the box.


Purina One Stop Cat Shop at Walmart - Stock up, Save, and Educate Yourself

I suggest dumping the litter box the night prior to garbage day so that you don’t have that excess stinky garbage in your can.  When I was cat sitting for Miss Kitty the one thing that I noticed is that when I didn’t clean her box daily she didn’t like it and she even had an accident when I waited three days (in my defense I was traveling).

Purina One Stop Cat Shop at Walmart - Stock up, Save, and Educate Yourself

And now for the big question.  Wet or Dry cat food, which is better?  You have to figure out what is better for your cat.


  • Easy to chew
  • May help certain health conditions (your vet may recommend)
  • Great for hydration

Purina One Stop Cat Shop at Walmart - Stock up, Save, and Educate Yourself


  • Perfect for busy households (especially if you use an automatic pet feeder)
  • Can leave in bowl longer
  • Fights plaque and tartar build up

Some of our favorite cat products include: 

  • Cat Chow Naturals Grain Free (NEW) – This is one we love because we are gluten free and like our cat to be too!
  • Fancy Feast 30 pk Seafood Classic Pate
  • Fancy Feast Filets Chicken (NEW)
  • Tidy Cats LW 24/7 17lb – Our favorite litter!

So head over to the One Stop Cat Shop at Walmart where we’ll help you stock up, save, and get smarter with a Purina cat regimen! It’s time to eduCATe yourself! Thanks to Walmart and Purina, you can find everything you need to make sure your cat is happy and healthy – all in one place. That is a huge Pet Mom Win for me!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post for Purina on behalf of Mirum.

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  1. That golf ball hack is so clever! I wish I could have a kitty friend in my life but sadly my landlords are not into the idea 🙁

  2. I like that you give the pros and cons to the different types of cat foods. My parents’ cats eat wet at “meal times” throughout the day and then have dry in a bowl to snack on whenever they want. This is such a great article, especially for those who are new cat owners!

  3. It’s not easy being a pet owner. People don’t really understand how hard it is to provide for your pet (let alone taking care of them in every ither level), especially how pricey it is. Thanks for this post!

  4. Great information. I never knew about the golf ball trick but it makes sense. I wonder if it will work on my bulldog who eats food like someone is trying to steal it? Also, I love all the tips, especially for a new cat parent. And, I love convenience so any place that enables me to do one-stop shopping on a bargain is cool with me.

  5. I don’t have a cat. But my kids found a cat family in the park near our house. So they took the responsibility to take of them. My kids are so excited about this. We buy food and bring them every day. I was wondering what is the difference between the wet and dry food. Thanks for explaining it to us!

  6. Aww what a cute cat! I’m not a cat owner – we have a dog. But I love that your cat can eat gluten free like you guys do. A few years back we researched dog food and were even a point when I thought we could make all the dog food homemade. That didn’t happen but it sure is nice to be able to count on brands to deliver high quality foods for our pets.

  7. Got to love a meal that has everything you or your furry friend needs. This almost reminds me of a one-pot recipe. Kitty is totally like yes, I am going to eat all of this look.

  8. I didn’t realize these differences for wet and dry cat food. We feed outs dry because the dollar lasts longer. Plus, we can leave her dish full. I do wish my daughter would scoop the litter box more often than what she does.

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