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How to style curly hair in humid weather

Do you want to know How to style curly hair in humid weather? We sure did! This summer my friend and I went on vacation and met the sweetest lady! We both have naturally curly hair and when we met this sweet lady, we knew she had the secret we needed.

She told my friend that the secret was LOTION, and we were both like NO WAY! She swears by it! Just take a look at her gorgeous curly hair! She lives on 30A and is in the humidity every single day. So, there is no better person to ask than a local when it comes to how to deal with crazy hair on vacation.

She uses Paul Mitchell strong hair shampoo and conditioner. When she finishes washing her hair, she wraps it in a T-shirt. (I have never tried this before). Then she leaves that for approximately five minutes.

Next, she sprays her hair down with it’s a 10 (hair product). Then she uses two pumps of the lotion. She scrunches that in her hair really good. Then I put about a quarter size of gel in my hand. Then I scrunch that in my hair really good. I’ll let it air dry for approximately one hour.

Then I’ll turn my hairdryer on for approximately five minutes. It will feel crunchy at first. When it is totally dry, I will scrunch it again with my hands just to get rid of the crunchy feeling.

I know it sounds strange to use lotion on your hair, but my hair is super dry and that is the only thing I have found that leaves enough moisture in my hair and allows me to wear it curly in humid weather.

I hope this tip how to style curly hair in humid weather helps you! I know it sure helped us while we were on vacation. We BOTH tried it, and it works! Who knew?

Also, if you are in the 30A area – be sure to reach out to Tami – she is a personal shopper and does an AMAZING job! (Update she no longer lives in Florida).

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