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How to Select and Cut a Mango

How to select, store and cut a mango. If you have never tried a fresh mango you are really missing out.

How to Select and Cut a Mango. What would you do with a case of mangoes from Whole Foods Market?  I was recently given this challenge and I have to say I was excited! I love fresh Mango! They are an amazing sweet super food, and did you know that April is the best month to purchase fresh Mango?  They are in season and a great price! It is stockpile time! If you have never tried a fresh mango, you are really missing out.

How to select, store and cut a mango. If you have never tried a fresh mango you are really missing out.

I purchased a case of Ataulfo Mango. They were on sale for 2/$3 at Whole Foods and when I purchased a case (14) I got the case discount (10% off).

How to select, store and cut a mango. If you have never tried a fresh mango you are really missing out.

About the Ataulfo Mango:

  • The Ataulfo (aht-ah-uhl-foe) Mango is one of the sweetest varieties. When fully ripe, its skin turns from green to deep golden yellow and may even get a few wrinkles.
  • The Ataulfo mango is creamy and soft – perfect to blend into smoothies, baby food and margaritas, or add it to salsas or jam.

How to select and store mangoes:

  • Give it a (gentle) squeeze. A ripe mango will have a slight give, much like a peach or an avocado.
  • Don’t judge a mango by its color! Fully ripe mangoes may have red, golden yellow or green skin.
  • Check the cheeks and shoulders. The sides of a mango are called “cheeks.” A mature mango should have full cheeks and “shoulders” that rise above the beginning of the stem.
  • Ripen at room temperature. If you need to speed the ripening process, place the mango in a paper bag.
  • Move ripe fruit to the fridge, which can help slow down ripening, if needed.

How to use Mangoes:

Puree mangoes for marinades, dressings, drinks or even mango butter.

Peel and chop mangoes and store in the freezer – great for tossing into smoothies or baby food.

Create dried mango snacks by placing peeled and sliced pieces of mango on a parchment-lined baking sheet and cooking at a low temperature for 2-3 hours.

Delicious on top of yogurt with granola for breakfast.

How to select, store and cut a mango. If you have never tried a fresh mango you are really missing out.

How to cut a Mango:

1.  Cut the cheeks of the Mango away from the core (there is a core in the center) using a sharp knife.  Leave the peel on!

2.  Once you cut the cheeks off you are going to score vertically and horizontally down through the flesh leaving the skin on.

3.  Press up on the skin and the Mango will pop up making it easy to cut off and into cubes.

4.  Next you can make an easy slice on the shoulder of the Mango getting a few chunks of flesh off of the core.

5.  You can also choose to scoop out the flesh instead of scoring and cutting into cubes with a spoon.

Mango Recipes:

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Disclosure:  Whole Foods provided us with a gift certificate to purchase the Mango.  All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. We love Mango’s, but I was always looking for ways to make them last longer. Thank you for these wonderful tips.

  2. Great tips and info. Since I didn’t know most of it. Now I am ready to buy some and try them…..thanks again for info.

  3. You know I have NEVER actually bought a mango from the store and cut it myself – lol. I always buy them already cut up. This will definitely help save some cash. Thanks1

  4. Wow – what a helpful post – I thought I knew how to select a mango, but I realize I didn’t! also, how to chop them up – taking the skin off after, etc., a trick I didn’t know. And these recipes and tips are terrific!

  5. I have just started eating mango this year and I really like it when I find a sweet one. Sometimes I get a tart one and those I don’t like.

  6. This is great – I actually got an nice organic mango last time I went to whole food and now it’s time to go home and cut it. Thanks for the tips.

  7. My favorite is the Champagne Mango! Thank you for the easy tip on how to cut them. I had no clue. This will make it so much easier!

  8. Thanks for these tips. I never really knew how to select mangoes. I’m going to put them on my grocery list!

  9. We love mangos in my house, but my husband always says that he battles with them when he tries to cut them. So he makes me do it. We need this good advice.

  10. I love the tutorial on how to cut and slice mangos. I definitely needed this because I’ve never really known how to cut them and usually just end up with a mess.

  11. Love the tips on telling the ripe mangoes. I knew how to cut them but have been hit or miss on getting them ripe. Green ones are great with a little vinegar and chili powder, though! Thanks for the great tips!

  12. My daughter loves Mangos and is really into smoothies right now, so I think I’ll go get us some for a healthy breakfast. The tips on how to cut a mango are great, thanks!

  13. I love mangoes especially in smoothies thanks for mentioning that they could be different colors even when ripe because I wasn’t sure if they should be any particular shade.

  14. I love Mangoes, but I’m lazy! I buy them peeled and pre-cut from Costco. But I should try this method someday!

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