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How to plan a budget friendly pirate party

How to plan a budget friendly pirate party

Arrrrg! Pirates only at this party! Think a pirate party will make you walk the plank financially. Well when Eli, turning 4, wanted a pirate party I put together a treasure hunt that used almost entirely re-purposed items from around the house and a few items that I had picked up at the dollar store and stored in my birthday box, a box where I store clearance and seasonal items that I plan to use for birthday parties.

The highlight of our pirate party was certainly the treasure hunt. I used the buried treasure as the party guests’ gift bags so I wanted each guest to have their own treasure box. I made the treasure boxes by painting empty wipes containers with mat black spray paint and embellishing with self adhesive jewels and pirate stickers. Inside the treasure boxes I hid candy, small toys, stickers and tattoos from my birthday box.

Before my little pirates found their treasures they went on a treasure hunt. I made the clues for the map by typing up rhyming clues and printing them on paper along with pirate clip art. Next I soaked the white printer paper in tea to make it look like a treasure map. The guest took turns reading the clues aloud and following them to the next item needed to be a pirate. The children found eye patches, bandanas, compasses, telescopes and finally their own treasure boxes.

Our pirate party was a huge hit for a small cost….and no one had to walk the plank.

Jayme Richerson wrote this post.  Jayme is a mommy to five little kiddos…and has been blessed with a lot of birthdays parties to plan.

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