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How to create a Bible Study Bag

Do you want to know How to Create a Bible Study Bag? This is a very useful way to organize your study materials so you are always ready to study even when on the go.

How to create a Bible Study Bag

How to create a Bible Study Bag:

Start by purchasing a bag. I use this Thirty One Gifts Bag as it has lots of room and I love the side pockets for holding my pens and Bible highlighters.

How to create a Bible Study Bag

Next gather all your supplies. I am a HUGE devotional junkie. I mean I can’t just have one. Right now I am using five a day. So collect the devotionals that you enjoy to add to your bag. Here are some of my favorites.

Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Week Scripture, Devotional & Guided Prayer Journal

A Moment to Breathe: 365 Devotions that Meet You in Your Everyday Mess

A Little God Time for Couples: 365 Daily Devotions

100 Days to Brave: Devotions for Unlocking Your Most Courageous Self

Encouragement for Today: Devotions for Everyday Living

Of course you need your Bible. Right now I am reading The One Year Chronological Bible and loving it! In addition any books or Bible Studies that you are participating in.

I created this Bible Study bag instead of stacking books up on my nightstand because I am most likely to use it when I can grab it and go. In the spring and summer I love to have my Bible Study time on my back porch. I also recently created a War Room at my house so I use it there or if I find myself with an early morning hair appointment I am able to take it with me.

I also have my prayerful planner and stickers too!

There is is no excuse for me because I start every morning in the word and now that is easier for me because all of my Bible Study materials are in this bag.

I hope this How to Create a Bible Study Bag article helps you in your walk with the Lord. Do you have a favorite devotional? I am always looking for new ones.

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  1. Great idea Melissa! I clicked on the link for the Chronological Bible and ordered. Thank you for tipping me off to this:)

  2. Thanks for this. I’ve wanted a bag of some sort to organize my supplies and now that I’ve finally purchased one I had no idea what to put it in. This is really helpful.

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