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Happy Blankie Review and Giveaway

Happy Blankie Review and Giveaway. I received our Happy Blankies today!  I opened the box and right away my 4-year-old grabbed them and said, “Oh My Mommy, I LOVE IT!!!!”  Out of all the products I have reviewed over the months these by far are my favorites!  Not only because of the originality but because of their one to love, one to give program.

Happy Blankie Review and Giveaway

Happy Blankie Review and Giveaway

We received “Chase” the Dog (small).  My boys love them but my oldest who is very sentimental automatically became attached to the blankie.  He has carried it with him all day.  It is soft on one side and silky on the other.  My boys love things that are silky.  They both rub their lovies on their faces when they are tired.  This is an amazing lovie and blanket.  I totally recommend them, and they come with a lifetime guarantee!

The Happy Blankie is a little more expensive than I thought it would be, but it is definitely a must have for the special little ones in my family.  I know a couple of little ones that will be getting them from me in the very near future. They are made of high-quality materials and can be machine washed on cold/gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low which is very important for a lovie.

Eight-year-old, David Holdridge, founder of Happy Blankie, had an amazing idea to combine the love of a blankie and stuffed animal and this is how the Happy Blankie was born!   His mother Emily helped bring his idea to life and then added a life lesson of teaching our children to share.  Thus, ONE to Love, ONE to Give, became the core philosophy of Happy Blankie. The concept is based on Emily’s message to David, love one another, give with others and make a difference in the world.  Happy Blankie is donating blankies to children in need all over the world. You will be able to make a difference by choosing where you would like to give a happy blankie when you buy one.


Melissa’s son also received a Happy Blankie.  He got “Stomp the Frog”.  He absolutely fell in love with it and as you can see from the pictures wore it as a “cape”.  He pretended to be “Super Frog” with it and had a blast with the imaginative play!  It is the perfect size for a little boy to use as a cape 🙂

Happy Blankie Review

Happy Blankie Review

Giveaway Is Closed:

Happy Blankie has offered a medium sized Happy Blankie of your choice as a giveaway to one of our readers!  I am so excited about this as I can’t wait for one of you to get your own Happy Blankie for your child or to give as a gift!

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  1. Giggle The Happy Pig for our baby girl on the way … both her big brothers agree that it would be jut perfect for her 🙂

  2. I would choose “chase” the happy dog. My baby calls all animals dog. She’s about 14 months.

  3. I I looked through that whole Happy Blankets slideshow and couldn’t decide.. But I THINK I would choose the bear – Thanks!

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