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Grinch Party Balloons

Check out these Grinch Party Balloons. We hosted a How the Grinch Stole Christmas party for Peyton’s class room party.  It was so much fun and the kids LOVED the theme! These Grinch Party Balloons were a huge success and an inexpensive decoration!

Grinch Party Balloons - How The Grinch Stole Christmas Party

My husband drew the faces on the balloons and we used them as decorations in the classroom.

To create the Grinch Party Balloons blow up using regular air (not helium) and tie.  Turn with the tie facing the ceiling and using a black sharpie marker draw a Grinch face on the balloons.

After they dry add a piece of ribbon that you will use to hang from the ceiling.

When the kids came into the classroom they were really excited to see our Grinch Party Balloons.

Helpful tips – Don’t make the ribbon too long – you don’t want the children to be able to reach the balloons to “punch them”.  Also after you have them decorated place them into an empty (clean trash bag).  After you hang your decorations you can use the bags for clean up!

You could also use the balloons as party favors if you make enough for each child.  They were a huge hit at our party and all the kids wanted one.  Because they were riding the buses we didn’t allow them to take them (and we didn’t prepare enough for each child) but it would make a really inexpensive party favor!

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