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Gluten Free Brands

This is a huge list of Gluten Free Brands. It is a work in progress, please feel free to comment with any other brands you know and use. If you are a company who would like to be listed please feel free to contact us. We try to update it as we find new brands we love.

Gluten Free Brands

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Authentic Foods

Applegate Farms

Enjoy Life Foods


Better Batter


Pamela’s Products

Katz Gluten Free


Lundberg Family Farms

Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

Rudi’s Gluten Free Bakery

Genius Gluten Free

Tandor Chef

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods

Maplegrove Gluten Free Foods

Against The Grain Gourmet

1-2-3 Gluten Free

So Delicous Dairy Free

Van’s Foods

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

Bard’s Beer

Andrea’s Gluten Free

Purely Elizabeth

Think Thin Products

Boar’s Head

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Bakery On Main


Sprout Skin Care

Sunrich Naturals

Kettle Cuisine

Home Free

Hail Merry


Food Should Taste Good

Nnamaste Foods

Trader Joe


Frito Lay

General Mills

Bell and Evans



Pacific Natural Foods 

Skinny Crisps 

Gluten Free Sensations





Hebrew National


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  1. Hi – we have an 11-year-old entrepreneur in our community, Lauren Crawford, who created Notta Cupcake (it’s cake in a cup) and she just introduced a certified gluten free version. Her website is NottaCupcake.com and you can also find Lauren on Facebook at Notta Cupcake. Is it possible to add her product to your list of gluten free brands?

  2. General Mills has gluten free products like baking mixes (brownie, cookie, cake) even bisquick has a gluten free option. General mills Chex cereal also has 5 kinds that are gluten free. Popchips brand are gluten free, frito-lay have gluten free options, and one of my favorites, Food should taste this good brand cracker chips.

  3. I just looked on Zatarain’s site. I followed a link from another gluten free site. Zatarain’s has 19 gluten free rice dinners. And some recipes that sound really yummy!

  4. Trader Joe’s has a delicious corn pasta, so much better than rice, and its only about 1.50. It’s great! They have three different types and its Gluten Free!!!

  5. Bell and Evans is the best frozen gf chicken strips I have found, and Starfish has great gf battered fish and shrimp! Fahlstrom Farms is also excellent!

  6. Nice post Melissa! Here are our favorite GF brands, some of which has already been covered above. I thought maybe your readers would like to know specific products.

    1- Barilla has some GF options (i.e., penne, spaghetti)
    2- Trader Joe’s had a GF corn pasta which they no longer carry
    3- Ancient Harvest has GF quinoa pasta that has a nutty flavor
    4- Schar is a European GF brand. In Italy, we picked up GF lasagna pasta which was really good.

    1- Udi’s GF sliced bread
    2- Franz (brand in Oregon) has good GF hamburger buns and sliced bread
    3- Glutino GF English Muffins
    4- Against the Grain GF Baguettes

    1- San J – GF rice crackers
    2- Pamela’s
    3- Jovial GF fig newtons

    1- Cheerios now has GF; however check the date. They recently had a recall on GF cereals with expiration dates of July 2016
    2- Udi’s granola

    1- Kikkoman GF Soy Sauce
    2- Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand (green label) Oyster Sauce

  7. These are all great. I love both Larabar and Katz in particular.

    I just discovered a new brand Wheat’s End – http://www.wheatsend.com which has the best bagels and donuts that I have ever tasted. They are small but amazing. I believe that they also have a café in Chicago which is the only celiac-friendly one in the entire city.

    Just wanted to share with the community!

  8. Thanks for the great list. Having it sorted alphabetically would help a ton when at the grocery store and wanting a quick reference.
    I’ve recently developed allergies to grain and dairy and was feeling pretty defeated until stumbling across this website. Thanks.

  9. Great list!

    My fav energy bar is Gluten Free too. My go to flavours are chocolate almond and mocha fudge. They have 10 to choose from.

    solo energy bar
    If you’re in Canada you can order direct, and in the US you can order from Amazon.

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