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Elf On A Shelf Calendar Printable

Check out our great daily list and this handy Elf On A Shelf Calendar Printable. Are you trying to decide what to do each day with your Elf On A Shelf? We are here to help take the stress out of it!

FREE Elf on the Shelf Calendar Printable - we have 24 days of Elf on the Shelf fun for you so you don't have to stress during the holidays with a free supply list too!

Not only do we already have a great post linked below for each day, but we have them all in one easy spot for you to print and post on your wall so you won’t forget what to do each day.


This easy to use printable is perfect for keeping track of what you are suppose to do each day with your Elf On A Shelf adventures.  With tons of fun ideas from the past few years, we knew we could give you an easy to use schedule for this year to make your life easier.

Here are all the Elf Adventures we have listed on our calendar printable for you:

12/1 – Elf Arrives
12/5 – Duck Dynasty
12/8 – Elf on a Roll
12/9 – Yoga Elf 
12/13 – Pirate Elf
12/14 – Rainbow Loom
12/16 – Sack Race
12/17 – Snowflake Elf

We have two fun options for your to print.  Pick the style you prefer or print one of each!

Elf On A Shelf Calendar


Print this FREE Elf On A Shelf Calendar HERE.

Elf On A Shelf Calendar

Print This Free Elf On A Shelf Calendar HERE.

Simply click on the pictures to be directed to the PDF for printing, or click the link below each image to go directly to the PDF.

Make sure to check out our Elf on the Shelf Supply List for this calendar!

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