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Congratulations Baby Shower Game

Are you planning an upcoming baby shower and need a cute idea for a game??? Then this Congratulations Baby Shower Game is perfect for you!  Not only will it provide as a gift from you as the host for the baby, but is also a super idea for a game to play with the guests and Mom to Be.

Congratulations Baby Shower Game

Here is how you play the game.  Every guest gets a paper that has the letter of the alphabet with a space for them to guess what is in the wrapped present.  The Mom to Be then opens the gift. Whoever has the most right at the end wins!

Here is an example of the items we used to fulfill all the letters.

C – Cloth Diapers

O – Outfit

N – Nipple Cream (Lanolin)

G – Gerber Rice Cereal

R – Rash Cream

A – Aspirator

T – Teething Ring

U – Umbrella for stroller

L – Lullaby CD

A – Alphabet Book

T – Towels

I – Infacol

O – Onsies

N – Nail Clippers

S – Shampoo

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