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Chores Made Simple

Chores Made Simple - Great Idea for Kids and Teens

Chores Made Simple. I am in love with this chore made simple idea that my friend posted to her Facebook wall.  Now, we generally don’t pay for chores at our house.

Chores Made Simple:

It is just part of contributing to our family to do them however if you do pay for chores or if you have a special event or occasion or even surprise company coming to town then this is a FABULOUS idea for kids and teens to make chores simple.

My friend created a chore list by simply writing the chores on post it notes and clipping them to cold hard cash.  She put the chores on her fridge with a magnet and announced to the kids – who needs money!  Next thing she knew they were frantically cleaning her house for her. The only rule.

You can only take one chore down at a time.  The reward.  Immediate gratification.  The kids were happy, Mom was happy, and the house was happy!  Now that is what I call a mom win!  Best of all they were going to a festival that weekend so chances are she would be giving them money to spend.  Instead with this tactic she got a clean house, and they earned their money!

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