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How To Make a Candy Bar “Cake”


Candy Bar Cake is the perfect gift for a chocoholic for any special occasion.

I love this Candy Bar “Cake“.  It is a great alternative and perfect gift idea for the chocolate lovers on your list.  I know my husband would be happy to get this!

I wanted to share with you this creative alternative for a traditional cake.  If you have a candy bar fanatic or you are looking for an alternative to “cake” then look not further than this idea! Using candy bars you can create an alternative to purchasing expensive store bought cakes.  Or if you are cake decorating “challenged” you can give this a try!  I think its a mess free alternative to cake 🙂

How to make a Candy Bar “Cake”

All you do is build with the candy bar of your choice!  Both Reece’s and Kit Kat work well because they are flat.  You can use glue dots and or clear packing tape to attach together.  I love thinking outside of the box and utilizing your Stockpile!  Transporting is the most difficult part but it can be done.


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  1. At a holiday party, my friend and I did that, however we unwrapped them and used napkins to move them so we didn’t touch every piece of candy. Everyone ate them so fast that we decided it’s best to keep them wrapped. It makes people work for the treat and any leftovers are easily packed up!

  2. It’s a cute idea, but I don’t see how it can count as “frugal.” I counted 37 candy bars visible in the picture, so the entire cake probably uses ~70. At $0.50 each, that’s at least $35, plus tax. You can make your own cake for a few dollars, or if you aren’t good at baking and decorating, Sam’s Club has a great bakery and you can have them custom-decorate a cake for no extra charge. The 9″ round I bought for my daughter’s birthday was $13, the larger cakes run in the $20 range. Even Kroger and Walmart cakes are cheaper than $35, and I know Publix makes awesome cakes for reasonable prices (I don’t have a Publix nearby to compare prices).

  3. Not to mention there’s occasionally BOGO or B2G1 deals in store and manufacturers’ coupons on top of that, you could get candy relatively cheap. I was able to buy 6 bags of M&Ms for the price of one because of in store deals and coupon stacking.

  4. I will have to make this for my friend that is obsessed with Reese’s! Hopefully I can find a good coupon to use! 🙂

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