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6 Amazing Asparagus Recipes

I will be completly honest, I never knew I liked Asparagus until I married my husband! Who would have thought? He loves it and we try to come up with different ways to make it.  He loves it so much he eats it out of a can.  Ok, I don’t love it that much but I do enjoy these recipes!  Check out these 6 Amazing Asparagus Recipes!

6 Amazing Asparagus Recipes

Roasted AsparagusThis is a fabulous Paleo side dish! Not only is this Roasted Asparagus recipe gluten free, it is also clean eating. There is so much flavor going on in this side dish. My whole family loved it!

Bacon Wrapped AsparagusI love Bacon Wrapped Asparagus!  Of course really what can be bad with bacon wrapped around it!  This recipe is naturally gluten free when you use a gluten free bacon like hormel naturals or applegate farms.

Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan CheeseWe love Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese for a low carb side dish at our house. It is so easy to prepare but the taste is amazing! This is a great recipe for those following the Keto Diet.

Sauteed AsparagusThis is one of my favorite side dishes to make!  It is so simple to prepare with only 2 ingredients. This is a healthy side dish recipe.

Balsamic Grilled AsparagusThis recipe has such great bold taste that you will love!  Perfect side dish for grilling this summer. I love using fresh ingredients and I love Balsamic vinegar!

Grilled Asparagus – This is another great side dish recipe! I just love when it becomes warm enough here to fire up the grill.


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