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40th Birthday Party Decoration Idea

40th Birthday Party Decoration Idea

If you are looking for an inexpensive and cute 40th Birthday Party Decoration or Gift Idea, then check this one out! My husband made this fun centerpiece for my 40th birthday this year and I have to say not only did it crack me up that I enjoyed eating it all summer long!

40th Birthday Party Decoration Idea:

To Make Centerpiece:

  • Purchase a foam cone at your local craft store.
  • Spray Paint Black
  • Using a sharp instrument poke 40 holes in the cone
  • Place 1 blow pop in each of the holes
  • Add a cute sign using an index card or card stock and Popsicle stick that says “40” blows.

My friend Denise made this cute smaller version and gave it to me for my birthday as part of my gift.  I thought this would be a super cute version of the centerpiece that my hubby made and would be great party favors to send home with guests.

To Make Favors:

  • Bundle 5 blow pops together
  • Add a small tag that says “40 Blows” and attach it with a ribbon


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