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15 Kid Friendly Recipes

Kids can be so difficult at lunch time and even snack time!  When my boys were little I would try to find things that were healthy and fun to eat.  One of their favorites was the Palm Tree Snack for kids!  You can check that out below! Hope your kiddos enjoy our 15 Kid Friendly Recipes!

It can be so hard to come up with lunch and snack ideas the kids will eat!  My kids were not fond of lunch meat so the only sandwich they would eat for lunch was peanut butter and jelly! I did try to make fruit fun so they were more likely to try things.  We didn’t have as much trouble with eating dinner.  They didn’t seem to eat as much in the evening though.  This is why we tried to come up with kid friendly lunches and snacks.

15 Kid Friendly Recipes

HEALTHY PALM TREE SNACK IDEA FOR KIDS – I love this idea for a Healthy Palm Tree Snack Idea For Kids.  It is such a simple idea however by turning these fruits into something fun it is far more likely that your kids will eat it!

KID-SIZE PIZZA RECIPE – We love to make this Kid-Size Pizza Recipe. It is perfect for an after school snack. My son has so much fun helping me make it.

HOMEMADE CORN DOGS – These Homemade Corn dogs are simply delicious! Using this recipe, it is easy on my wallet because by making my own homemade version I save money. You can also easily make these corn dogs gluten free too!

HEALTHY BLUEBERRY & RASPBERRY POPSICLES – Blueberry and Raspberry Popsicles are super easy to make and healthy for everyone!

ANTS ON A LOG – Ants on a Log are one of my children’s favorite snacks to munch on. My boys also love to help me make these and I love any opportunity to teach them in the kitchen.

FRUIT CANDY CANE – This idea for a Fruit Candy Cane is perfect for the holiday’s!

WALKING TACO RECIPE – There is nothing better in the summer than enjoying a walking taco. My son loves these! Why not make them at home instead of only enjoying them while you are at special events.

MUMMY HOT DOGS – Mummy Hot Dogs are the perfect Halloween party food. They are so easy to prepare and the kids love them.

FRUIT SWORDS – This is such a fun finger food for a party. If you are hosting a Pirate themed party why not try these easy to prepare Fruit Swords.

COPYCAT CHICK-FIL-A NUGGETS – Enjoy this easy recipe for Copycat Chick-fil-A Nuggets!  If you love Chick-fil-A as much as we do then you will love this make at home version.

Fruit Nutella Waffle – Say goodbye to the boring breakfast!  Fruit Nutella Waffles have become a family favorite around our house.

EASY OMELET QUESADILLA – This Easy Omelet Quesadilla recipe is the easiest breakfast quesadilla you will ever make!

OWL WAFFLE – Kids of all ages will love this Owl Waffle using Eggo Waffles! It is simple to make this breakfast treat using a waffle.  Perfect for fall!

LEGGO MY EGGO GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH – Just like a traditional grilled cheese sandwich all you need is cheese and two Eggo Homestyle waffles.

Keto Zucchini Pizza Bites – The perfect way to make a vegetable fun!  My kids really liked these and they really liked putting them together!

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