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14 Days of Kindness Valentine’s Day Coupons

Check out these 14 Days of Kindness Valentine’s Day Coupons. Valentine’s Day is always a ton of fun to prepare for.  This year, you can turn your day into a special time to be thankful and grateful to those around you.  Getting the kids to show kindness to others is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the theme around the holiday.  This easy printable is ideal for use with your kids to teach them about loving others. 

14 Days of Kindness Valentine's Day Coupons

Valentine’s Day Kindness Coupons

No matter their age, we as parents have to remind our little ones to show kindness to others.  Compassion and care are important traits to teach, and sometimes, a little activity is nice for making that become a more natural daily occurrence in their lives.  This printable includes a cute little jar and 14 days of coupons that show others love.  By using this with your kids, you are teaching them and reminding them about lifting others up each day. 

How do I Use This? 

The best way to use this printable is to have your kids help you cut out each individual heart.  I like the idea of placing the hearts into an envelope and then each day they draw one out to do for those in your life.  If you are still in a quarantine situation due to COVID-19, then you can do these online with classmates, or even just with family members.  

Every day, glue or tape the new heart task onto the pink jar.  You can also use a real jar if you want, but I love the idea of this being a fun practice cutting skills activity for little ones.  You can even make a small board or poster to attach these for your kids to choose each day. 

What Kindness Tasks are On This List? 

Below are some of the things you will find on this list.  There is a nice variety to choose from so your children won’t get bored and will always have something fun to do each day. 

  • Read a story to a friend
  • Be kind to your family
  • Make a Valentine’s card
  • Visit someone lonely
  • Write a letter to someone
  • Help cook dinner
  • Bake Valentine’s cookies
  • Say I love you
  • Draw a picture for a friend
  • Smile at everyone I see
  • Clean your dad’s car
  • Tidy your bathroom
  • Make a gift for a friend
  • Share your toys

Print Your Coupons Here

Grab this printable today and use it with your kids to create a month of gratitude and kindness for Valentine’s Day!

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