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10 Household Items That Are Dangerous To Dogs

10 Household Items That Are Dangerous To Dogs

If you have pets, then you know there are occasions when you have a moment of panic because they got into something potentially dangerous.  Here are 10 Dangerous to Dogs Household Items.  In this list are items you may not think about being a poison concern, but they are and should be watched and put where your pets cannot reach them.  As we introduce another dog into our family, we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to protect both of them from accidental poisoning.

10 Household Items That Are Dangerous to Dogs

Chocolate:  Your favorite snack or dessert may actually be fatal in large amounts to your dogs.  A small amount may not have a large effect, but none is ever acceptable. Symptoms can be as mild as agitation to as severe as seizures or death.

Acetaminophen:  This common pain reliever in most homes can prove to cause your pet significant discomfort instead of relief.  Common symptoms include difficulty breathing, jaundice and stomach upset including vomiting or diarrhea.  While not fatal, this is one thing that can greatly disrupt their system.

Household Cleaners & Detergents:  As these would be poisonous for anyone, they are for your pets as well.  Keep everything from laundry detergent to toilet bowl cleaner locked up away from you pets.  Even small amounts can create chemical burns in their mouth and stomach. This even includes dryer sheets!

Alcohol:  You may have seen people giving their pets a beer in the movies, but it is truly very dangerous.  All of the symptoms you might have if you were drunk, plus more can affect your pet.  Alcohol can cause vomiting, dehydration, disorientation, seizures and more.

Leeks:  We all love a bit of potato and leek soup in the winter, but those leeks can cause your dog to have some not so fun symptoms.  Just because it is a vegetable, doesn’t mean it is safe for their consumption.  Keep this one for the humans only.

Naproxen: Your favorite anti-inflammatory can actually cause coma and death in your pet.  Just because they are limping or seem to be in pain, doesn’t mean they need to take your pain reliever.  Dogs can be easily found with long term complications from naproxen poisoning.

Garlic:  Just like leeks, this common food item is highly dangerous to your dog.  Coma, bleeding gums, shortness of breath and more can all result from ingestion of garlic.  Keep it out of reach and never feed table scraps to your pets.

Onions: Elevated heart rate, inability to walk or make basic movements, shortness of breath and more are all symptoms of onion poisoning.  Although not typically fatal, combined symptoms can cause death or long-lasting damage.

Salt: You use it in almost all of your cooking, but a pet who gets into a bottle of salt and ingest much can quickly become deathly ill.  This is definitely an item to keep well out of reach and away from your pets.

Tea Tree Oil:  For our essential oil loving families, this is one item to keep high out of reach of their pets.  This can lower their body temperature, cause seizures and death.  What is good for you, can easily be fatal for your favorite pet.

Xylitol:  The ingredient is an artificial sweetener found in chewing gum and candy that is poisonous to dogs.  Dogs often jump up on the counter or find packs of gum or candy and eat them entirely which causes toxic amounts in their system.   Most toxic in large doses.  It causes lethargy, vomiting and black-tarry stool.  Seek medical treatment if you suspect.

As you add pets to your home, keep in mind that these dangerous to dog’s household items should be kept out of reach of your pets.  A dog who is curious could easily get into your medicine cabinet or pantry and hurt themselves.  Always be aware of what is within their reach and practice safety precautions.

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