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You Set Me On Fire Valentine

You Set Me On Fire Valentine is an easy handmade valentine for big boys (and girls).  This is NOT a Valentine to be given to small children or without adult supervision.

Valentines the Boys will Love

We had a ton of sparklers left over from July 4th and as I was crafting it came to me to put them to use as a Valentine idea.

You Set Me On Fire Valentine 2

By using sparklers that we had on hand and a piece of construction paper in my craft supply cabinet this Valentine literally cost me next to nothing to create.  I simply used a piece of construction paper to cover the sparklers and wrote You Set Me On Fire Valentine on the side.   Peyton was so excited when I showed him this one!

I did tell him that this is not a Valentine that we could hand out at his school because I wouldn’t want a child to hurt themselves but it is one that you can make and give to your children.  What fun it will be on Valentine’s Day to go out and light sparklers!  We can’t wait!

Valentines the Boys will Love

You Set Me On Fire Valentine Supplies:

  • Construction Paper
  • Tape, Glue or Glue Dots
  • Sparklers
  • Black Marker

You Set Me On Fire Valentine Directions:

  • Cut a piece of construction paper to cover the Sparklers
  • Roll up the sparklers in the construction paper and tape or glue.
  • Write You Set Me On Fire Valentine on the side in a black marker.

Disclaimer:  This Valentine should be given with adult supervision.


Consider using this Sparkler Shield Idea for Safety when using sparklers

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