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Stockpile Gift Idea

stockpile gift ideas

Stockpile Gift Idea. This year I wanted to utilize my stockpile for a Back-to-School Teacher Gift for Peyton’s teacher.  It is another way to gift give without breaking the budget.  By gifting from your stockpile, you are able to brighten your teacher’s day on the first day of school without spending a lot out of pocket.  I hope she enjoys it!

If you are looking for the perfect teacher’s gift, then look no further!  We have something that is sure to make your children’s teacher smile!  This gift is so easy to create too and doesn’t cost a fortune. Best of all it will make your kids teachers feel appreciated.

Stockpile Gift Idea:

Gift Giving from your Stockpile is a great way to save money!  Whenever I create a gift idea from my stockpile the recipient is always THRILLED!  Why?  Because I am gifting really useful items!  That always makes the person receiving it happy.  I am happy because I am not spending a lot of money out of my budget!

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  1. I am a retired teacher and have doing this for the last 6 years..My granddaughter is in the 6th grade and I fix a teacher “goodie” bag each year (I also included one for the principal). Everything from toothpaste to pens. This year I watched for sales all summer and got some great buys for her classroom. Post It notes have some GREAT coupons..My Office Max had the Post It flags, tabs, label, etc. 2 for $6.(regular price 4.50 to 5.50 each). Post It coupons were 2.00. So I paid $1 a pack!!! You can print unlimited amounts, so I ended up with $500 worth of supplies and paid less than a $100 (used the 20 % bag and a few 10.00 office max coupons.) Also, had some $.55 coupons for bandaids..ended up with over 50 boxes of bandaids for the first aid room..paid less than $15!

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